Serena Business Manager


Through this demonstration, learn how you can define, automate and optimize your business processes using Serena Business Manager (SBM) to improve business efficiencies, productivity, and accountability. Using the example of a sales proposal approval process, we will demonstrate how:

  • Reviews and approvals can be completed anytime, anywhere – even via an iPhone
  • Information can be gathered and presented to your users in real-time to help them make informed decisions and move the process forward
  • Rich dashboards and reports that provide complete process visibility and help identify potential bottlenecks can be seamlessly integrated into a portal of your choice such as MS SharePoint

SBM Connect for SharePoint in Action

The first demonstration highlights how by combining SBM's process management capabilities with SharePoint's document management and portal prowess:

  • Your teams are always working with the right version of a document to get tasks done
  • Your managers gain a single view of task status and project performance – from within SharePoint
  • You can expand the reach of your business processes to more customers – both internal and external to your organization – by leveraging a familiar environment like your SharePoint portal

In the second demonstration, see how you can leverage the pre-packaged project on-boarding application to manage the process of creating SharePoint sites as well as SBM projects that are linked to one another.

SBM Mobile In Action

Enterprise-class process management in your pocket? Now there's an app for that.
SBM Mobile for iPhone®
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