Doug Serena, CIO

A miniseries showing Orchestrated IT in action

Doug Serena CIO


Doug Serena, CIO is a five webisode miniseries that shows an IT
leadership team using Orchestrated IT to power their company to
tremendous commercial success.
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Serena YouTube ChannelWinner of Best of Biz 2012 Gold Award

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Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5

Length: 5:35

The CIO of a large insurance brokerage learns in a boardroom meeting that his
company is in deep trouble. The CEO challenges the execs to find a solution
– quickly. Can they do it?


Length: 5:11

Escalation routings have to be changed quickly to hit the plan, a move that can
be expected to cost a king's ransom. Then the dashboard brings bad news
to Michelle who informs Doug at an inopportune time.


Length: 4:28

Release planning comes to the fore, with DevOps using a live Release
Calendar to get everybody on the right train. Meanwhile, new features get
requested. Can they be accommodated given the insane schedule?


Length: 3:49

"How do we prove that to Brad?" becomes the key question as the
Millennium Project enters crunch time. Larger issues also loom: the fate of
the Company and the viability of an important personal trip for Doug and
his wife.


Length: 6:33

D-Day arrives and everything needs to fall into place.
Doug and the team use their release management and request
center systems to make sure they achieve a successful launch.
Bells ring and boardroom accolades get handed out, but then a
surprising turn of events leaves Doug pondering his future.


Meet the team



Doug joined Qlarius Corporation one year ago as their fifth CIO in six years. His challenge is to help Qlarius use IT as a competitive weapon in the nationwide insurance brokerage market. Read more about Doug



Michelle followed Doug to Qlarius as his Development VP. Michelle and Doug have a worked together for almost ten years. Read more about Michelle



Doug inherited and decided to keep Nick, Qlarius's IT Ops VP. Nick is quite capable but doubts Doug's plans given the short tenure of his previous bosses. Read more about Nick



Doug inherited Jason, his new Release Management Director. Jason had worked for Nick in Operations, but Doug promoted him to report directly to the CIO. Read more about Jason