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Serena PVCS Professional Sharpens 360Commerce’s Competitive Edge

The Power to Serve More Customers Now

Increased customer demand for your products is a good problem to have. However, not having the ability to keep up with that demand can spell trouble. That’s why buying the right tools to meet the challenge is key to staying competitive and gaining market share.  When Austin, Texas-based 360Commerce found itself facing this challenge, it looked to Serena® PVCS Professional™ for help. The company supplies major multi-channel retailers, including Circuit City, Gap, Inc., The Home Depot and K*B Toys, with point-of-service, back office, and enterprise software solutions that help retailers stay competitive, maximize profits and improve customer service. The cash register at your local K*B Toys, for example, runs 360Commerce software.

“Within a short period of time, we went from working on 10 projects to 50 projects,” said Mitch Gottlieb, Build Manager, Support Services, 360Commerce. “Sales were on track to double, and we were creating a host of new products. It was clear we needed a new SCM system, and Serena PVCS Professional was our top choice. Without PVCS Professional, we never would have been able to take on new projects as quickly as we did. It gave us the power to serve many more customers without having to hire additional staff.”

Serena PVCS Professional gives development teams the power to organize and manage software assets, track and communicate issues and standardize the software build process. A complete package for software configuration management, PVCS Professional combines Serena Pro VM, Serena TeamTrack PL and Serena ChangeMan Build for automated software builds. Because PVCS Professional facilitates communication and coordinates tasks and manages changes, teams can speed time to market with efficient parallel development, more code re-use and fewer errors.
ROI and Customer Satisfaction.

 “We chose PVCS Professional because of its ability to help us contain costs, to improve the integrity of our code, and to save us development time by being able to do builds overnight,” explained Gottlieb. “It used to take us six hours to get a decent build out. Now it takes about 30 minutes to get everyone organized.” But the biggest selling point for Gottlieb and his team was PVCS Professional’s full range of tools for tracking and organizing code and software project assets. “PVCS Professional has the best requirements for us to grow our company and to become the leader in our industry,” he said. “Our customer satisfaction has shot up because they’re getting higher quality solutions, more quickly. We’ve been able to give our customers what they need, and we’ve received no complaints since we implemented PVCS Professional,” said Gottlieb.

“PVCS Professional lets us know exactly where the code is every day, and where it is going. We can take a snapshot any time of what we’re releasing to the customer,” he explained. “What’s key is that we can track everything and PVCS Professional locks it down into a process. So, before we hand our solution over to our customers, we know exactly what we are giving them, and exactly what state it is in. That’s extremely important to us. PVCS Professional gives us a process that is reliable, reproducible and automated.”

Before 360Commerce purchased PVCS Professional, the company used a labor-intensive process that involved two build machines and one unsupported CM tool that was about to be discontinued by the vendor. “We had no offsite building or developing capabilities, and not decent tracking tool. There was al lot of downtime that reduced our developers’ productivity. And we could only do builds on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to the amount of time the process took. There was a lot of passing around of pieces that were not solidified ant the end,” recalled Gottlieb. “Because of PVCS Professional, we’re a 24-7 shop that can do builds anytime.”