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F-35 Lightning II Flies High with Lockheed Martin and Serena Dimensions...

Lockheed Martin has the task of delivering 19 million lines of code needed to support Joint Strike Fighter program’s F-35 Lightening 11 aircraft, a project that will require 10 years of work by more than 1,000 developers from many companies in nine countries. The project requires a robust process management solution to enable collaboration in the distributed group environment, while keeping the project within exact specifications and meeting International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

To meet these challenges, Lockheed Martin deployed Serena Dimensions™. Dimensions enables the JSF team to track and enforce several hundred processes in software development and production change management. Among the biggest benefits Dimensions provides is enforcement of critical processes, saving time and eliminating the costs required for oversight of manual processes. In addition, Dimensions delivers the reporting, auditing, security and ease of use that are essential to Lockheed in supporting their highly distributed developer base.

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