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If your development shop is like many others, you've already made investments in several software configuration management (SCM) tools. What you need now is a process that ties them all together for consistent handling of issues and defects.

With Serena Issue & Defect Management, you work seamlessly with today's leading SCM systems including Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Perforce, Serena PVCS, and Serena Dimensions CM.

  • We Love Subversion The Subversion connector allows developers to interact with Serena Issue & Defect Management directly from within the Eclipse IDE.

    The developer sees issues, whether those assigned to him, assigned to someone else on the team, or in the team's queue. After making a code change, the developer uses Subversion to commit the change and select the issue to associate with the commit.

    The associated issue automatically records the Subversion commit information such as time and date of the commit, the name of the developer, the developer comments, and the file name. From within Eclipse, the developer can then transition the issue to the next state in the workflow.
  • Manage Risk Built-in reports help flag areas of risk by showing issues that have multiple code commits or showing all issues resolved by a particular piece of code. This information allows teams to quickly identify issues that may need to be re-tested when a piece of code has changed.
  • Works Great For QA Too When QA views an issue, they see what code was changed and get full details, including the developer's comments.

    Plus, when an issue fails QA testing and is assigned to a different developer, the record of the code change displayed directly within the issue makes it easy for the newly assigned developer to get up and running. This means nothing falls through the cracks as work gets passed from developers to QA and back – you get full visibility, all the way from request through test.