SBM Connect for SharePoint

Unite People, Process & Content. Combine The Power Of SBM With SharePoint

SBM Connect for SharePoint

Companies are automating processes with business process management (BPM) solutions to improve the accuracy of their business decisions, increase process visibility, and foster greater collaboration around tasks. However, the full benefits of process automation are not always realized. Here are some of the concerns we've heard:

  • We automated our contract approval process, but our contracts are stored in SharePoint and managed separately. How do we know if we’re making decisions based on the most recent version of a contract?
  • Our company has standardized on SharePoint as our project portal, and our executive team doesn't want to switch back and forth between applications to get to information. How do we provide them with a single view of project and task status without leaving our portal?
  • We automated our service desk–related processes. Is there a way to make this application more accessible to our customers, both internally and externally?

SharePoint implementations are mushrooming across organizations. In a recent IDG survey, 62% of CIOs identified SharePoint as being a critical component of their technology portfolio.

So to address the concerns we’ve heard, we’ve combined the power of Serena's BPM solution with SharePoint's document management and portal prowess: SBM Connect for SharePoint.

With SBM Connect for SharePoint:

  • Know that you are working with the right version of a document
  • Gain a single view of task status and project performance from within a familiar environment like your SharePoint portal
  • Expand the reach of your business processes to more customers—internally and externally—by leveraging your SharePoint portal

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