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SBM Sample Applications

  • Employee Time Off Federal Employee Time Off
    Route vacation and other time-off requests to the appropriate personnel for approval. This application, which includes the ability to create PDF documents, is only compatible with Serena Business Manager platforms starting from 2009 R1.03.

  • Customer Reference Customer Reference
    This application works with Salesforce.com® to request and track customer references. Marketing can refer to customer success stories and quickly find customers available for press interviews and speaking engagements. Account managers can track how many times a customer has been used as a reference to not overuse any particular customer.

  • Employee Onboarding Employee OnBoarding
    Orchestrate the activities of bringing a new hire on board, such as procuring a computer, updating human resources systems, readying office space, and securing access.

  • Expense Reimbursement Expense Reimbursement
    This application lets employees follow the status of their reimbursement requests.

  • Hardware and Software Management Hardware and Software Management
    Manage the capture, triage, approval, and resolution process for hardware and software change requests. This application provides risk management as well as scheduling changes.

  • Issue Defect Management Issue Defect Management
    Manage software and hardware issues and bugs from capture to resolution. This solution works with Incident Management, Change Request Management, Dimensions, Subversion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, HP Quality Center, PVCS, Microsoft Project, Perforce, and Salesforce.com.

  • IT Asset Tracking IT Asset Tracking
    Manage IT asset requests and their status, such as PCs and servers. Track who has what asset and see which assets are available in inventory, in repair, and retired.

  • IT Asset Tracking and Procurement IT Asset Tracking and Procurement
    This application manages the requests for assets from the IT department through procurement to delivery and installation. Integrate to SAP to reference the master list of employee information and their managers who can approve the purchase requisition.

  • Test Case Management Test Case Management
    Using Serena Business Manager, monitor test cases as they move through the workflow.

  • Travel Request Approval Travel Request Approval
    Coordinate and streamline the process of approving travel requests, including air travel requirements. Employees use a standard process for getting travel requests approved, and can keep a record of all past, present, and future trips for budget purposes.

  • Information Assurance Vulnerability Management Information Assurance Vulnerability Management
    Manage issues that arise around security vulnerabilities encountered by Federal agencies. Track issues and the appropriate mitigating actions against vulnerabilities to avoid serious compromises to computer system assets.

  • OMB Circlular A-123 OMB Circular A-123
    This application manages requests to implement and comply with OMB Circular A-123. Track recommendations and changes made to control processes to help achieve compliance.