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SPAWAR ITC Achieves Higher Re-Use, Reduced Costs, and Improved Quality With Serena Dimensions
The Space and Naval Warfare Information Technology Center (SPAWAR ITC) provides business improvement IT solutions for the Navy and Department of Defense. Faced with a complex heterogeneous environment and a combination of legacy applications and new systems under development, the center needed to replace a cumbersome manual system with a robust Change Governance™ solution that would centralize management and circumvent the difficulty of operating disparate systems. SPAWAR ITC implemented Serena® Dimensions® as its standard.

Serena Dimensions provides SPAWAR ITC with an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that enables the center to visualize, orchestrate, and enforce processes across its enterprise development environment. As a result, SPAWAR ITC has been able to achieve its goals of establishing reusable processes, components, and code, as well as developing high-quality standardized products, while reducing development costs.

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F-35 Lightning II Flies High with Lockheed Martin and Serena Dimensions
Lockheed Martin has the task of delivering 19 million lines of code needed to support Joint Strike Fighter program's F-35 Lightening 11 aircraft, a project that will require 10 years of work by more than 1,000 developers from many companies in nine countries. The project requires a robust process management solution to enable collaboration in the distributed group environment, while keeping the project within exact specifications and meeting International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

To meet these challenges, Lockheed Martin deployed Serena Dimensions. Dimensions enables the JSF team to track and enforce several hundred processes in software development and production change management. Among the biggest benefits Dimensions provides is enforcement of critical processes, saving time and eliminating the costs required for oversight of manual processes. In addition, Dimensions delivers the reporting, auditing, security and ease of use that are essential to Lockheed in supporting their highly distributed developer base.

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Leverages Serena Solution to Streamline IT Service Management
The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) searched for a solution that would offer them both standard processes and the flexibility to adapt the software to meet their needs for integrating change management, incident management and helpdesk processes as well as deliver more comprehensive reporting. They selected the Serena solution because it can be easily adapted to the way they deliver services.  Read their Case Study here.

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CACI Improves Helpdesk Operations, Transforms Other Core IT Processes with Serena Solution
CACI decided to look for a system that could replace its mix of purchased and homegrown applications. After using Serena Business Manager (SBM) to design and implement a few processes, CACI engineers began to see significant potential for operational benefits, both internally and with their customers.  Read their Case Study here.

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