Mainframe Development


Whether you use a homegrown software change management (SCM) tool or another packaged product, check out why a leading analyst firm says, "Serena has been and remains the leader in competitive selections for mainframe SCM."

You + ChangeMan ZMF = Lower Administration Costs

Your job is to develop software. Let the tools do the rest.

Easier Deployment and Easier to Use

If you're using native IBM technologies, such as standard ISPF, JCL, File Tailoring Services, or REXX, you already know how to work with Serena ChangeMan ZMF. And its accessible options can easily be customized at an enterprise or project level. Creating new projects is also simple — just clone the last one and make the changes you need. ChangeMan ZMF enables administration teams to spend more time supporting developers in optimizing their development processes — processes that ChangeMan also enforces.

From Risk to Reward in One Easy Step

People say you have to be over 50 to access the mainframe. Not anymore! Serena ChangeMan ZMF is built to meet the demands of modern and legacy mainframe application development in enterprises of all sizes. ChangeMan uses native IBM interfaces, so developers can be productive in an environment they already know in the shortest possible time. Whether you develop in ISPF on the mainframe or are moving your development to IBM RDz, Eclipse-based, or Windows-based IDEs, ChangeMan provides a comprehensive and secure mainframe development environment.

Release with Confidence — Don't Put Compliance at Risk

End-to-end visibility is not an option—it's a requirement—especially in the mainframe world. Who did what, when, and at what time needs to be answered. Serena Release Control ensures that you have all the actions, approvals, and state transitions logged and reported in a single place. Built-in reports and dashboards give you full visibility. Together, Serena ChangeMan ZMF and Serena Release Control offer an integrated solution that enforces compliance standards and provides a single version of the truth.