Release Management Solutions for IT Operations

Apps = Cash, and IT Operations is challenged with delivering applications into production as fast as possible to help drive revenue and grow the business. With Application Development teams punching out code iteratively, IT Ops and Release Managers must increase the release flow with agile delivery and continuous delivery methods. The growing set of release packages must be efficiently and effectively scheduled into release trains months in advance. Additionally, emergency releases must be smoothly entered into the release train. And IT Operations must share the release calendar with all release stakeholders, including business liaisons, App Dev and QA.

Award-winning Solutions for IT Operations


Serena's award-winning solutions for IT Operations help organizations streamline the entire process for capturing, routing, and fulfilling requests for IT services and strengthen the DevOps bridge – read now about Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year. Included are integrated solutions for IT Service Management, Serena Service Manager, and Application Release Management, Serena Release Control.

Effective application release management promises many benefits to the IT Operations teams and to the business. Among the benefits for IT Ops delivered by the Serena release management solutions are having complete visibility into the App Dev pipeline, reducing release windows by 90%, reducing staff requirements for release deployments by 40% (and reassigning that staff to more strategic work), providing a secure path to production for all releases and improved collaboration with Application Development.

Plan, Control, and Automate the Release Process

Effective application release management begins with planning. With Serena Release Control, you can plan control, and automate your release processes for both mainframe and distributed systems from definition to deployment with a visual release calendar and automated approval process.

Automate Release Deployment Tasks

Dramatically improve the reliability, quality, and speed of application releases, maintenance, and management. Serena Deployment Automation capabilities facilitates multi-tier application deployment across datacenters. You can now centrally manage application releases in minutes, instead of days or hours.

Secure Path to Production

Serena Release Control serves to prevent unauthorized changes, maintains the integrity of deployment areas, provides role-based promotion, deployment and rollback and ensures complete traceability and transparency.

Products and Solutions:

Serena Release Control
Serena Business Manager (SBM)
Serena Dimensions CM
Serena ChangeMan ZMF