Orchestrated IT Operations

Evolving IT Operations

Nearly every business is becoming software-driven. Where “applications are the business”, IT is being called upon to provide a new kind of service – to deliver and maintain revenue-producing applications that are often the face of the business. The pressure is on IT operations to deploy these new or updated applications and services at the speed at which they get developed and then support them, while minimizing the risk and potential impact to the company’s infrastructure. IT operations and development teams need to be joined at the hip through integrated processes to make this happen. The DevOps movement, in particular, is driving better alignment between these two teams as they seek to increase their change and release cadence.

Serena’s Response to Evolving IT Operations

Serena’ solutions help IT operations release new and updated applications at the rapid cadence that agile online enterprises demand. They provide IT shops with the essential capabilities for embracing the DevOps movement and significantly increase their change and release cadence. With Serena’s IT Operations solutions, companies effectively apply core ITIL best practices to prioritizing the demand, development, release and support of applications and services that are critical to the business.

  • Integrated Change and Release Management

    Serena's core change and release management solutions empower IT organizations to embrace the DevOps movement. They help companies orchestrate the processes that bring together application development and operations teams to speed business change requests through to releases. IT operations teams are better positioned to streamline the processes that help capture, triage and prioritize business change requests, route them to the right individuals for fulfillment, speed the deployment of changes into production, notify their business counterparts of the status of their requests, and then continue to support them.

  • Process-Based IT Service Management

    Serena’s IT service management solution draws on the power of a process management platform to help your organization automate IT service delivery processes. It provides a simple yet powerful interface to all service desk users and delivers complete visibility into the status of issues across the end-to-end service lifecycle.

  • Release Management for IT Ops

    Serena's release management solution helps IT teams increase the flow of operational releases into production while improving release quality. It reduces deployment costs and helps drive additional revenue as applications go online faster.

Award-winning Solutions for IT Operations


Serena's award-winning solutions for IT Operations help organizations streamline the entire process for capturing, routing, and fulfilling requests for IT services and strengthen the DevOps bridge – read now why Serena was a two-time finalist for Pink Elephant's Innovation of the Year award.