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IT Intelligence

IT Intelligence

Every IT executive wishes that business intelligence (BI) tools would meet their long-promised potential of providing enterprise visibility over all IT initiatives. But according to the National Computer Center, BI has fallen short, with over half of all BI projects rated average at best. BI projects can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and take many months or years to implement. Furthermore, "heavyweight" BI tools often require additional infrastructure, specialty programming, and even more expenses down the road to perform changes or upgrades.

Serena thinks BI should be easy for IT, so we provide IT intelligence for the entire IT lifecycle at a fraction of the time and cost of typical BI tools. IT organizations can use dozens of out-of-the-box metrics for both application development and IT operations or, with just a few clicks, create their own custom metrics. Serena provides IT analytics for complex landscapes that involve multiple tools, processes, environments, and partners. With Serena, you can quickly get an enterprise view into all types of IT metrics, including development status, service levels, and IT cycle times.

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Get up and running with out-of-the box metrics for both IT application and operational processes – or custom metrics with just a few clicks.

Serena provides IT intelligence that keeps up with your evolving technology. Whether you're doing mainframe development or delivering IT services in the cloud, users and administrators can easily configure the exact metrics they need to see. Process-based KPIs ensure that both application development and IT operations are continually reducing cycle times, improving performance, and exceeding customer expectations.

Serena provides IT intelligence through the Serena Dashboard, which integrates with Serena's Orchestrated IT solutions, including Serena Release Manager, Serena Development Manager and more.



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