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Demand Management

Demand Management

Serena helps you understand IT demand across the entire application and service delivery lifecycle. You can see all your IT work and how all resources are contributing. IT organizations can use Serena solutions to continuously orchestrate, prioritize, and streamline changes to demand in a transparent, predictable, and practical process.

Serena provides IT organizations the following benefits:

See all demand

Run IT smarter by eliminating the “black hole” of requests. Business users can submit application and operational requests to a unified portal. Through the portal, everyone can share and view current information about the entire development lifecycle, including status details, the most recent changes, release timeframes, and more.

Get a real grip on resources

Automatically capture the work your IT resources are performing. Leverage Serena’s automated time capture capabilities to understand the effort and cost for all IT demand. Having an accurate view of resources allows your organization to more intelligently determine the available resources for new work, how reallocation of projects and resources will impact the business, and any shortages of critical resources.

Prioritize smarter

Start working faster and more predictably by routing demand to the right people. Serena’s process-based approach for demand prioritization helps ensure that everyone is quickly notified for their approval so that you can review and kick off projects as fast as possible. IT organizations can intelligently categorize demand, score demand based on standard criteria, and vote on new business requests.

Adapt to change

Eliminate demand anarchy with an adaptable, affordable, and user-friendly process. When you need to create processes for new applications or services, Serena helps you set up workflows, scoring criteria, and reviewers so that you can deliver quickly with low overhead.

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