Product Development and Systems Engineering

For manufacturing companies where software is a key differentiator, Serena orchestrates product development processes, reduces miscommunications and delays, and helps make the entire product development lifecycle more lean. Serena's process-driven approach helps orchestrate hardware and software teams, and streamlines the entire product lifecycle from ideation to development to delivery – no how many tools are being used across the organization. R&D executives can use Serena to integrate development processes, so companies can streamline compliance, improve quality and achieve economies of scale.

Serena has helped some of the world's most recognized product development companies:

  • Increase overall development productivity by 40%
  • Eliminating errors and rework by 90%
  • Reduce development times by 50%

Serena's solutions for product development organizations include Serena Dashboard, Serena Request Center, Serena Demand Manager, Serena Requirements Manager and Serena Development Manager.

Audit-proof your products and processes
Serena helps product development companies streamline compliance with complex standards through integrated processes, built-in audit trails and KPIs. Serena customers can use integrated, consistent and repeatable processes to ensure development processes meet internal or regulatory standards like DO-178B, ISO 26262 or IEC 62304. As development teams complete tasks, submit deliverables or make changes, built-in audit trails reduce the effort of proving compliance. Serena's process lifecycle dashboard also keeps everyone aware of key compliance and development metrics across all hardware and software tools. For example, R&D organizations can use the Serena Dashboard to simultaneously view data from multiple tools, such as development turnover cycle time in Serena Development Manager, missing test cases in HP Quality Center, or unapproved bill of materials (BOM) changes in Dassault’s Enovia.

Dashboard Screenshot

Serena's role-based, pre-configured KPIs and metrics help product development teams easily stay in compliance. [Click image to enlarge]

Deliver the best products possible
Serena helps R&D teams improve product quality through orchestrated communication, unified change management and reusable software components. By taking a process-based approach to product development, Serena helps orchestrate disparate processes across teams and eliminate miscommunications. Similarly, Serena's unified change request process across tools and teams reduces errors and rework. Since changes are centrally orchestrated, R&D personnel can quickly perform change impact analysis across all products, teams and tools. For example, if a prototype burn-in test fails, impacted hardware and software teams can be automatically notified, whether they're using Serena technologies, Siemens TeamCenter or any other product development system. Serena also provides reusable and shared software components, requirements and assets across projects, so teams don't have to start from scratch.

Dashboard Screenshot

Serena provides a unified view of all changes through the product development lifecycle. [Click image to enlarge]

Scale up agility for your global supply chain
Serena helps manufacturing companies achieve economies of scale through automation, packaged best practices and flexible process support. Serena helps R&D teams automate tasks and use real-time alerts to streamline process collaboration across the supply chain. As tasks are completed or commented on, Serena's real-time development feed helps make sure everyone is aware of the latest information. R&D teams can also take packaged best practices, including processes, software components and assets, to quickly ramp up a high-quality development chain. Finally, Serena's process-based approach makes it easy to run projects no matter what product development methodologies are used – whether companies are using a V-Model, phase-gate, agile or hybrid approach.