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Whether you are interested in Change and Release Management, or are looking for DevOps automation or a Continuous Deployment solution, Serena has solutions that can help enable your DevOps success.

DevOps Blog

Serena's resident DevOps expert, Jonathan Thorpe, spends his time immersed in the DevOps community, attending events worldwide, talking to practitioners and writing blog posts. Jonathan has a long history in Dev working closely with Operations teams.



DevOps Drive-In Webcast Series

Whether you're new to the DevOps movement or an experienced practitioner, you will enjoy the special features we have lined up in the DevOps Drive-In webcast series. If you live in the U.S., the popcorn's on us!

• Next Webcast - February 19th - Continuous Delivery in Enterprise: Answers to Key Challenges


Here you'll find several DevOps-related materials including white papers, videos, and more.