Release Management

Release Management for the Enterprise 

Application development teams are confronted with a growing demand from the business for changes to existing applications and the development of new applications. These changes represent business service enhancements and features that drive new revenue. 

Adopting agile methodologies and continuous integration is the first logical step teams implement to satisfy business demands but that typically just pushes the bottleneck further along the path to production. Software is not getting deployed into test environments nor released into production environments any quicker.  

Release management is a process that guides IT efforts from application development through testing and into production, helping to focus resources on timely delivery of a feature or set of features that the business needs. A well-designed and comprehensive release management process enables organizations to:

  • Improve visibility and insight into project timelines and progress, to help prevent surprises and keep all stakeholders on the same page
  • Increase release flow, to get critical changes and features into production sooner with existing or fewer resources
  • Improve release quality, to increase the number of successful releases and reduce downtime, whether planned or unplanned
  • Simplify compliance, by enforcing the consistency and traceability of changes


Enabling your development and operations teams to work in concert through integrated processes better equips them to rapidly roll out application features to support the business without jeopardizing the stability of the operational environment.

Serena’s solutions for Release Management and IT Operations help organizations streamline the entire process for capturing, routing, and fulfilling requests for application changes and IT services, and it strengthens the DevOps bridge. Included are integrated solutions for IT Service Management, Serena Service Manager, and Application Release Management, Serena Release Control.

Effective application release management delivers many benefits to application development teams and the business. Serena release management solutions ensure faster release into production, end-to-end release visibility, a visual release calendar for all upcoming release trains, and improved collaboration with IT Operations.

Plan, Control, and Automate the Release Process

Effective application release management begins with planning. With Serena Release Control, you can plan control, and automate your release processes for both mainframe and distributed systems from definition to deployment with a visual release calendar and automated approval process.

Automate Release Deployment Tasks

Serena Release Control’s integration with Serena Deployment Automation facilitates multi-tier application deployments across data centers. You can now centrally manage application releases in minutes, instead of days or hours. You can also dramatically improve the reliability, quality, and speed of application releases, maintenance, and management.

Secure Path to Production

Serena Release Control serves to prevent unauthorized changes, maintains the integrity of deployment areas, provides role-based promotion, deployment and rollback and ensures complete traceability and transparency.

Products and Solutions

Serena Release Control
Serena Deployment Automation
Serena Business Manager (SBM)
Serena Dimensions CM
Serena ChangeMan ZMF