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IT Operations and Application Development must work more closely together than they ever have in an effort to deliver the application services that the business demands. DevOps is the IT movement that represents App Dev and IT Ops working together, but the movement alone will not deliver what is demanded. Technology and process must connect these teams; then, and only then, will the applications be delivered with the timeliness and quality that the business demands.

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Serena’s award-winning solutions for Release Management and IT Operations help organizations streamline the entire process for capturing, routing, and fulfilling requests for application changes and IT services and strengthen the DevOps bridge – read now about Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year.


Serena provides solutions that help Dev and Ops work better together. Learn how the game-changing integrated solutions Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Control help Dev versus Ops become Dev+Ops and enable you to increase business agility, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


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