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Keeping track of different logins and passwords for different applications can prove to be a frustrating experience for your users. Serena's hybrid authentication solution solves this problem by letting you seamlessly integrate your existing on premises authentication system such as LDAP with our on demand security system. This lets users that are already authenticated for access to your organization's intranet securely and seamlessly log in to Serena On Demand.

Hybrid authentication solution

Hybrid authentication solution

Serena On Demand uses a state-of-the-art authentication framework based on industry standards such as WS-Security, WS-Federation, WS-Trust, and SAML. The hybrid authentication solution consists of a J2EE-based login server, which is deployed on an organization's intranet. Once integrated with your existing authentication framework, the login server eliminates the need for password management. Users that are authenticated by your existing framework are granted access to Serena On Demand as well. The system uses highly secure PKI-based technology to provide delegated authentication and access to Serena On Demand, as shown in the diagram above.


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