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Serena Dimensions RM

Serena Dimensions RM

Serena Dimensions RM is a requirements management solution that provides you with comprehensive capabilities for requirements definition, requirements collaboration, requirements reuse and requirements traceability.

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Dimensions RM Integration

[Click to enlarge] Serena Dimensions RM enables distributed teams to collaborate, discuss and create polls to update requirements.

Collaborative Requirements Definition

Serena Dimensions RM offers deep requirements management functionality over the web with a zero footprint on the client. You can concurrently edit requirements, comment, vote in polls, and manage changes. You can even create and manage requirements documents online. Serena Dimensions RM provides a single, web accessible repository for your requirements – eliminating multiple inconsistent versions of requirements on various desktops and user devices.

Offline collaboration

Serena makes it easy for you to share and work collaboratively on requirements using Microsoft Word. Serena Dimensions RM allows you to publish requirements to a Microsoft Word document, so that they can be reviewed offline or added to other documents and presentations. Serena Dimensions RM can also import Microsoft Word documents, which allows you to update reviewed requirements or create new ones.

Dimensions RM Traceability

[Click to enlarge] Serena Dimensions RM provides complete traceability from business requirement to functional requirement to release.

End-to-end traceability

Serena Dimensions RM provides immediate insight into requirement status, requirement relationships, requirement change, and requirement dependencies. As part of Serena's Orchestrated ALM (application lifecycle management) solution, Serena Dimensions RM lets you effectively track your requirements all the way through to deployment.

Dimensions RM Requirement Reuse

[Click to enlarge] Serena Dimensions RM helps teams reuse requirements from previous projects, variants or related releases.

Requirement reuse

Don't reinvent the wheel. Serena Dimensions RM supports complex reuse scenarios, and helps you identify and reuse already defined requirement sets when you are creating a variant of something that already exists. Serena Dimensions RM stores requirements in a single central repository, which eliminates the need to copy the source or original requirements. Projects can also decide whether requirement inheritance should be maintained or not.

Solution Brief


Serena Dimensions RM Solution Brief

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