Integrated I/O Optimization

StarTool IOO dynamically tunes the major components of application processing functions to achieve dramatic throughput improvements. It replaces or enhances SDB’s reblocking function and performs reblocking on all sequential data sets, including managing programs with hard-coded DCBs.

StarTool IOO allows programs written in any language (including COBOL) to use Local Shared Resources (LSR) when the program is dynamically or randomly accessing a VSAM file.

Startool IOO Billboard


Buffer Management

StarTool IOO dynamically optimizes buffers and start I/Os for QSAM, BSAM, and sequential EXCP I/Os, improving performance as much as 75%. It optimizes physical sequential data sets, permanent and temporary, including data sets generated by most utilities. With StarTool IOO, you can save up to 50% elapsed time for DB2 unloads and reloads, and up to 40% elapsed time for IDMS sweeps.

Dynamic Memory Management

For programs that are coded in assembler and already use native LSR, the perfect quantity of above the 16M line buffers and hyperspaces are transparently allocated based on file size. For all LSR processing (NSR-LSR or LSR native), a separate LSR pool is used for each file (up to 255 LSR pools allocated) to eliminate buffer stealing. StarTool IOO detects when applications change processing modes from direct to sequential and reoptimizes the tuning parameters.