Comprehensive File and Data Management

StarTool FDM gives you a comprehensive environment for editing and managing PDS, PDSE, sequential, extended sequential, direct, DB2, and VSAM files (including their contents). StarTool FDM simplifies file management tasks and eliminates the need for multiple tools, batch utilities, and homegrown routines within the data center.

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Broad Editing Capabilities

StarTool FDM provides a broad set of editing capabilities. You can copy like files to unlike files, and copy subsets of files based on user-defined selection criteria. Full-screen copybook editing lets you edit individual VSAM records within the context of a COBOL or PL/I program's copybook record layout.

Additionally, StarTool FDM provides global search and replace, restoration of accidentally deleted items without reverting to backup tapes, and expiration of PDS directory blocks or addition of data set space. You can quickly add, delete, update, and insert records in a VSAM data set. You can even pad records with blanks, binary zeros, or any other value.

Load Module Expertise

Extensive load module management facilities allow you to perform complex tasks in a single step. You can interrogate a single module or selected subsets of modules to assist in identifying properties, such as COBOL attributes and IDR DATA. Using the CSECT and ZAP commands, an application programmer can make changes to a load module without recompiling and link editing the program.

DB2, Compare, and Data Conversion

StarTool FDM supports managing DB2 data and comparing data sets. To help save precious time when testing programs, you can use StarTool FDM to automate the process of decrementing or specifying default values for data fields.