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Changeman ZMF Database

Serena Mainframe Products


ChangeMan ZMF

ChangeMan ZMF integrates the mainframe software lifecycle to make change easier — automating steps from development, through test, and into production. Because it improves the integrity of the code migration process, ChangeMan ZMF will favorably impact your bottom line as long as mainframe application software is developed upgraded, customized, and called on to drive business initiatives.

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

The ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack includes both ChangeMan ZDD (web access to ChangeMan ZMF) and the new ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse client interface. With the Client Pack, you can use ChangeMan ZDD, the Eclipse Workbench or IBM Rational Developer for System z with ChangeMan ZMF to develop and maintain your mainframe applications software.

ChangeMan SSM

Using a unique fingerprinting technology, ChangeMan SSM detects, tracks, and stores changes to the system for audit purposes. Unauthorized changes can be immediately acted upon. Additionally, ChangeMan SSM can collect changes and synchronize the changes with remote environments.


Comparex is the only mainframe comparison tool that supports data, text, and directory files in a single product. Comparex is accessible via both ISPF and batch interfaces and supports a wide range of file types, including ADABAS, DB2, IMS, CA-DATACOM, CA-IDMS, CA-Librarian, CA=Panvalet, COBOL, FOCUS, FORTRAN, HFS, JCL, HTML, Oracle, PL/1, REXX, XML, WYLBUR, zFS, and more.


StarTool is a set of mainframe developer tools that improves IT operations and application redevelopment productivity. It consists of StarTool DA, FDM and IOO.

Dimensions z/OS

Dimensions for z/OS extends the power of Dimensions CM to the mainframe, delivering a consistent user experience across distributed and mainframe platforms.

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