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Serena Service Manager

When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud.

Service Level Management

Easily define and track SLAs
Serena Service Manager lets you easily track and report on your team's performance against the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that you have in place with the business. As Serena Service Manager is a process-based solution that lets you configure service delivery processes to match the way you actually serve the business, the service level measurements accurately reflect real performance.

Administrators can quickly define service level targets and the rules that trigger corrective action when these targets are at risk of not being met or are violated. For instance, a manager can get notified via email to investigate a high risk item and take steps to address it immediately. SLA measurements can be based off of business calendars. They can be suspended at certain points in the process if needed. They can even be applied to subsets of processes.

SLA reports can be configured to provide managers with dashboards that showcase a team's past performance against targets vs. current performance. You can look at items currently at risk of violating SLAs and even drill down to a specific item to get to the root cause of the issue. Operators can use the insight to re-prioritize work or enlist additional help by routing work to a specialist using the Social IT capabilities. All the information is displayed on a real-time basis.

SLA report thumbnail screenshot

[Click to enlarge] Track team’s performance against Service Level Agreements