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Serena Service Manager

When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud.

Knowledge Management

Integrated knowledge base reduces service desk call volumes
Serena Request Center includes access to a Knowledge Base that is available to IT staff for problem-solving and to users for on-demand searches during incident and request submissions. The Knowledge Base is automatically searched during incident submission to avoid duplicate entries.

To improve usability and simplify the search, Serena Service Manager immediately offers relevant suggestions as soon as the user begins typing.

Each Incident and Problem resolution can be posted as a draft Knowledge Base article. IT Change Requests can be posted as announcements to the Serena Request Center once their implementation dates are scheduled.

Knowledge Management

[Click to enlarge] Serena Service Manager Knowledge Base helps users as well as agents find information

All Knowledge Base articles are published after being routed through approval workflows. The articles are organized by categories and information types.

See how easy it is for users to search the knowledge base for information: