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Serena Service Manager

When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud.

IT Process Automation

Configure processes to match the way you deliver services
The foundation of Serena Service Manager is its business process management (BPM) platform that makes it easy to adapt ITSM processes and helps you progress to a new level of ITSM maturity – and ITIL adoption. The power and flexibility of this revolutionary process-based approach to ITSM significantly advances your ability to meet changing demands and to continually implement service improvements.

Serena Service Manager’s process management platform also provides a foundation for delivering and adapting integrated services that go well beyond the break-fix realm. You can seamlessly expand service management to support related processes, such as expense report management, employee on-boarding, and purchase authorization, thereby allowing you to deliver diverse integrated services to your business users with the same standards of reliability and consistency that you are able to provide while delivering traditional IT services. You can also use the shared process management platform base to bridge application development and operations activities by integrating application release and demand management with service management.

IT Process Automation

[Click to enlarge] Flexibly change or add new processes to match service delivery

A critical aspect of ITIL is automating standard processes to ensure consistency, compliance and rapid action. Serena Service Manager provides a sophisticated process management platform and packaged ITIL processes that are easy to modify as needed.