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Serena Service Manager

When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud.

Dashboards & Reports

Delivers complete visibility across integrated ITSM processes
Serena Service Manager includes customizable, role-based dashboards and reports that provide unparalleled insight into service management processes. Serena Service Manager collects and reports metrics throughout service life-cycles. Cross-application reporting provides end-to-end operational visibility.

One of the main benefits of Serena Service Manager is transparency – into processes, into progress of any process and into the performance against Service Level Agreements and IT service goals.

Dashboards & Reports

[Click to enlarge] Serena Service Manager provides complete visibility across integrated ITSM processes

Easily Configure or Create New Reports

One of the key frustrations with reporting in legacy ITSM systems – modifying or creating reports on the fly – is solved by Serena Service Manager. Reports are easy to edit and create using Serena Service Manager – without requiring programming or data modeling expertise.