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Serena Service Manager

When people and process work together, the result is dazzling. Fluid, flexible IT service management makes it possible-powered by Serena Service Manager. On premise or in the Cloud.

ITIL Service Design

The ITIL Service Design (SD) volume provides good-practice guidance on the design of IT services, processes, and other aspects of service management. Serena Service Manager lets you easily define process-based services that you can quickly categorize and showcase through a service catalog within Serena Request Center.

Easily define and categorize ITIL-based services

[Click to enlarge] Easily define and categorize ITIL-based services

Serena Service Manager also lets you can quickly define the associated service level targets and the rules that trigger corrective action when these targets are at risk of not being met or are violated. As Serena Service Manager is a process-based solution that lets you configure service delivery processes to match the way you actually serve the business, the service level measurements accurately reflect real performance.

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