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Asset Management

Easily discover, manage and report on IT assets

Serena Asset Manager helps customers automate the process of discovering IT inventory. It manages the intelligent collection and normalization of asset information, without using software agents. It reduces the errors and costs around aggregating asset information by automating the manual steps in the collection process.The solution is quick to deploy and easily integrates with existing applications. Serena Asset Manager includes all the necessary capabilities to automate asset discovery, tracking and reporting.

Asset Discovery
With Serena Asset Manager, you can easily automate the discovery of hardware, software and other devices that are connected to your network. Tight integration with the Serena Configuration Management Database (CMDB) ensures that your incident, problem, change and release management processes always leverage up-to-date information on assets. You can also easily configure rules that determine the inclusion or exclusion of specific software and hardware information within the Serena CMDB. Operating systems supported include Windows, UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Embedded OS and VMs. The solution also supports handheld devices, printers, and networking equipment, including Cisco and Juniper to name a few.

Software Tracking
Software asset tracking helps organizations reduce the risk of adverse software audit results. Serena Asset Manager provides organizations with the ability to keep track of software licenses for compliance purposes. It collects data from every application found within your infrastructure along with the attributes and correlations that you determine to be critical to your business.

Asset Reporting
Serena Asset Manager's web-based reporting capabilities is designed to scale as your organization expands across geographies and the number of assets that you manage increases. It helps organizations leverage standard report templates to assess risk, manage the life-cycle of assets and track inventory without having to create custom reports. Reports can be easily exported and shared within your organization. It gives you complete visibility into the way your assets are used within your organization. With Serena Asset Manager, you are equipped to answer tough questions that have financial implications:

  • What assets does the company have?
  • Where are they located?
  • Who is using these assets?
  • How are they being utilized?
  • Is the organization's software secure from attack?
  • Can we effectively migrate to a new Operating System?
  • What assets are impacted when we change an application?
  • How do we effectively return assets at the end of a lease?
  • What assets are we getting in the merger or acquisition?
  • Are we compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements?

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