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Serena Release Manager

Why consider Serena for Application Release Management

1. Complete Solution for Release Management
The application release management process is complex and has many hand-offs between development, QA, and IT operations teams. Controlling the entire release management process and communicating release status to all release stakeholders are key challenges.

Serena Release Manager draws on the power of a process management platform (Serena Business Manager) to enable your organization to automate the entire release management process, provide a simple yet powerful interface to all release stakeholders, and gain complete visibility and traceability into the status of application releases, release packages, and release trains via the innovative Unified Timeline View. Serena Release Manager is the only solution that can help you control the release management process from build, through all QA stages, and into production in mainframe, distributed and multi-platform environments.

Timeline screenshot

Timeline views provide you with real-time status and progress of all your releases in a single view

2. Mature, Application-Centric Release Automation
Serena Release Manager is the most mature automation platform for release deployments, and, it is application-centric in design. Other manual and semi-automated approaches using scripts are uncoordinated, time-consuming, error prone, and do not scale – draining both labor and budget resources. In addition, the lack of application service visibility in other automation solutions undermines the ability to audit and control operations across application teams and tasks.

Serena Release Manager equips IT operations with the ability to centrally manage, automate, and control application service operations across data centers to increase uptime, reduce the costs of operations, and deliver immediate productivity gains. The open architecture enables release managers and DevOps to deploy, maintain, remediate, and recover multitier applications across physical, logical, and cloud servers.

Process Design screenshot

Easy to use drag-and-drop process editor decreases design-time by making it easy to create reusable process templates, visualize the end-to-end deployment process and develop the big picture.

3. Secure Path to Production
Serena Release Manager provides a centralized and managed path to production – a desired yet often missing element within a release management process. Coordinating delivery from multiple development teams, perhaps at different times, using different SCM repositories only increases the complexity and introduces risk to a release management team charged with ensuring the quality and integrity of release delivery through what should be an automated series of stage-gates.

Applications often span platforms and technologies and a consistent approach to managing and coordinating the path to production becomes even more critical. With application components that span multiple platforms and technologies, the challenge of coordinating application releases can be very complex with little insight or coordination. Serena Release Manager provides this insight and coordination.

Release Management Dashboard screenshot

The Release Dashboard provides you with rapid insight into the entire release management lifecycle.


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