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Serena Release Manager

Comparing Serena Release Manager to other release management options

End-to-end release management is key to business agility, but too often organizations rely on partial solutions, such as products that only focus on workflow, automate tasks, or integrate with just one or two platforms. Such approaches typically require significant manual effort, cannot scale up to today's requirements for more applications and enhancements, and cannot deliver the speed and flexibility that businesses need.

These days, with applications so critical to business performance, organizations must bring more applications and changes into production faster. Only Serena can help businesses achieve these goals with a fully orchestrated solution that manages workflow and approvals from development to deployment, automates the full range of technical tasks, and supports a single, secure path to production, even in heterogeneous environments.

Chart: Today's release management approaches

Options for Release Management

Desktop tools or Serena?

  • While Excel and other point solutions are excellent tools for supporting specific tasks, they were never designed to deal with the complexity of the full release process. Because of this, they require substantial manual effort and lack the flexibility, visibility, and process automation that businesses require. They simply cannot scale up to the task of managing multiple releases.
  • Unlike these products, Serena combines low TCO with unparalleled process flexibility, visibility, adaptability, transparency, and automation.

Behemoths or Serena?

  • Big vendors typically offer an all-or-nothing solution that uses their products almost exclusively. Choosing a solution from one of these vendors usually also means committing to extensive consulting and professional services to make the products work and keep them running well. Organizations choose to go with a big vendor because it's viewed as a "safe" choice, but it's one that's expensive to acquire, implement, maintain, and adapt to changing demands.
  • These solutions can work well once established, but they are highly customized and lack flexibility. Changes tend to be costly and time consuming, limiting the agility of your business and its ability to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  • Serena Release Manager orchestrates the release management process, leveraging heterogeneous assets already in place for a more agile and cost-effective application lifecycle management process.

Toolkits or Serena?

  • Toolkits might seem like inexpensive options for deployment automation or workflow management, but they aren't comprehensive solutions for release management. Organizations benefit most when they can manage the entire release process, rather than just parts of it. An IT group might be able to patch together a solution using various toolkits, but this takes time, consumes valuable IT resources, and ultimately produces a fragile solution that cannot adapt readily to the changing needs of the organization.
  • Serena's release management solution consists of components that slot together, providing comprehensive functionality with no need for custom coding. The components enable organizations to leverage the hardware and software they already have to gain a complete release management capability as well as adapt swiftly to changing business needs.

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