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Serena Release Manager

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Market leader Serena Release Manager offers a unique approach to orchestrating release management that maximizes an organization's business agility while optimizing its current investments in processes, technologies, and platforms. With Serena Release Manager helping to create a single, proven path to production, businesses can deploy more applications faster and with greater consistency and auditability.

See below a comparison of Serena Release Manager with other types of release management solutions. Behemoths are big vendors that offer lots of functionality. However, they do this with a "rip and replace" solution consisting of several products and services. As a result, you lose flexibility, and you no longer have control over your environment. Desktop Tools are typically word processing and/or spreadsheet products that were never designed to handle an activity as complex and intricate as application release management. The third solution type, Toolkits, offer some release management capabilities, and they are less expensive than the behemoths' end-to-end solutions. However, Toolkits do not offer comprehensive solutions for release management and leave you lacking complete control over your release management processes.

Low TCO        
Complete Visibility        
High Usability        
Flexible, cost-effective
deployment options
Process management heritage        
Rapid time to value        
Easy adaptability        
Integration and extensibility        
Enterprise scale        
Supports heterogeneous environments        
Supports mainframe and distributed applications        

Additional Information

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IDC White Paper
Driving Business Agility with Effective Release Management


Serena Release Manager benefits:

  • Improves visibility into release management processes, timelines, and progress
  • Increases release flow, getting critical changes into production sooner with existing or fewer resources
  • Improves release quality, increasing the number of successful deployments and reducing downtime
  • Simplifies compliance, enforcing consistency and traceability of changes

Serena Release Manager technical differentiators:

  • Integrated solution that helps improve release visibility, quality, and flow and simplifies compliance
  • Multi-tier and multi-site application deployments for today's complex applications
  • Multi-platform support to encompass heterogeneous systems, including mainframe
  • Direct connection to application requirements through orchestration from Serena Software
  • Out-of-the-box application release actions for more rapid deployment and reduction of custom code
  • Support for physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Secure path to production with deployments to QA, preproduction, and production environments, ensuring consistent control at each stage of the release process
  • Audit trail with compliance and reporting of application operations for complete traceability
  • Professional services to help ensure tight integration between your Serena solution and business needs

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