Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Release Vault

Create and manage a secure, controlled path to production

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Serena Release Vault provides a common and secure path to production for application change deployments through all application lifecycle stages, regardless of development platform, and ensures that only approved and validated code reaches the production environment. No matter which software development solution created a particular piece of code, or how many development environments your organization has, Serena Release Vault helps you ensure consistent quality control over code and applications, maintain compliance with automated processes, and trace all changes from creation of source code through to production. Serena Release Vault provides added security by enforcing the separation of roles and responsibilities, ensuring that only approved personnel can schedule and execute deployments.

Release Vault

Heterogeneous Platform Deployment

Serena Release Manager is a release process and deployment management solution that supports the release of applications to the cloud and on mainframe and/or distributed platforms.

Serena Release Vault supports deployments for both distributed (Linux, UNIX, Windows) and mainframe platforms with a unified deployment process and policy. From a single user interface, you can manage deployment to all servers, including deployments that simultaneously release code to both mainframe and distributed systems.

Serena ChangeMan ZMF provides comprehensive, out-of-the-box release management capabilities for the mainframe. If you have complex software release processes, the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) helps maintain high volumes of changes and multiple simultaneous releases by consolidating migration paths into an integrated environment.

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