Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Release Control

Plan, Schedule, and Coordinate Application Releases

Serena Release Control offers process-based application release management built on Serena Business Manager (SBM). It helps organizations manage the flow of releases through multiple gates such as System Integration Test (SIT) and User Acceptance Test (UAT) before they reach the production environment. Release Control can help manage all changes—from an emergency release, to a single patch, or even a major application release—in a common workflow that enforces your release policies and processes.

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Serena Release Control helps your organization to:

  • Automate application releases across development systems. Using the open, web-based interfaces of Serena ChangeMan ZMF or Serena Dimensions CM, your team can leverage Serena Release Control to plan and coordinate release management activities across development systems.
  • Stay on top of all application releases and release trains. A visual release calendar enables you to track all application releases across all release trains months and years in advance. Stakeholders receive proactive notification and get immediate access to the information they need about release status.
  • Clarify duties. IT can enforce separation of duties by providing granular role- and user-based security for development, quality assurance, and operations team members.
  • Simplify compliance. Serena Release Manager keeps track of all user and system interactions, so if a question—or an audit—arises, users can trace the history of a change request or see who approved release items with a few clicks, and immediately draft a report.

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