Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Release Automation

Automate application release tasks
Serena Release Automation, you can automate the deployment of multi-tier, distributed applications and their configuration settings. Automate the approval and validation of code, ultimately speeding deployment of releases across the application lifecycle.

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Release Automation Customer Quote

Serena Release Manager helps organizations to deploy applications more quickly and reliably by:

  • Streamlining handover by bridging applications and operations teams
  • Improving uptime through the elimination of faulty processes, errors, and failures
  • Slashing operational costs, reducing up to 75% of the time and cost required to release and service applications
  • Accelerating time to release from hours to minutes to deploy and update even the most complex multi-tier applications
  • Gaining complete infrastructure freedom, enabling management of application services across any mix of physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures

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