Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Bridge Dev and Ops

Improve Business Agility and Increase Revenue
Application development and IT operations groups both exist to support new and ongoing business requirements, yet the two are often in conflict. The top priority of application development teams is to create and launch new applications—and enhancements to existing applications—as quickly as possible. For IT operations teams, the priority is ensuring availability of production systems, and the greatest threat to the production environment is change. While IT operations groups must incorporate new applications and changes into the production environment, they proceed slowly and cautiously.

The enthusiasm of application development groups and the caution of IT operations combine to create a backlog of changes and new applications waiting to be released into production—and a backlog of unmet business needs.

A Comprehensive Solution for DevOps
Serena solutions help development and operations teams work better together. Serena Release Manager and Serena Service Manager enables Dev versus Ops to become Dev+Ops and in the process increase business agility, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Serena addresses the needs of DevOps for mainframe and distributed systems platforms via the Serena Release Manager solution. With Serena Release Manager you can plan, schedule and coordinate your application releases with complete visibility; provide a secure, auditable path to production; and dramatically improve the speed, accuracy and repeatability of application configuration and deployment tasks.

In the recent Ovum Rainbow Map for DevOps, Ovum analyst Michael Azoff rated Serena Software to have "...comprehensive coverage of the features desired in advanced DevOps solutions." Read more to see how Serena helps Dev and Ops collaborate and deliver what the business demands.

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