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Serena Release Manager

Product Overview

Gain insight, take control and automate application deployments

  • Acquire actionable insight: Provide visibility into the release status, foresee potential issues, and take action to avoid missing milestones 
  • Remove release process inefficiency: Release more often, release more each time, and reduce the release window by providing a standard, repeatable release process that manages application releases according to release policies and business priorities 
  • Replace ineffective handoffs: Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming handoffs by simplifying and automating the handoffs across development, quality, and operations teams 
  • Automate deployments: Reduce cycle times and costly errors by automating manual deployments across all environments
  • Simplify compliance: Be audit-ready in minutes through a release governance framework that is based on your release processes and policies

Dashboards screenshot

All New Dashboards, Reports and Release KPIs in Serena Release Manager


Comprehensive Solution for Application Release Management

Serena Release Manager allows companies to orchestrate their entire release lifecycle by bringing together release process management and automated application deployment. Serena Release Manager bridges the DevOps divide by integrating into existing tool chains and simplifying and automating handoffs between development, quality, and operations teams. Supporting continuous delivery and production deployments, Serena Release Manager creates a repeatable and consistent release process across distributed, cloud, mobile, and mainframe applications.