Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform does Serena Release Manager run on?
Serena Release Control runs on the Windows platform while Serena Release Automation and Serena Release Vault run on Windows, Unix, and Linux.

What environments are supported by Serena Release Manager?
Serena Release Manager supports Windows, Unix, Linux and z/OS environments

What does release control mean?
Serena Release Manager provides workflow technology (powered by SBM) that orchestrates the release management process and connects release management to other IT processes, such as service management, development management and requirements management. It coordinates the testing and approval of all code changes throughout the entire release management process and provides end-to-end visibility.

What is a release vault?
A release vault is a storage repository that provides a secure path to production for all application artifacts. IT organizations employ multiple development teams, and many of these teams use different development tools and technologies in different development environments. With Serena Release Manager, you can house the code from all of your development environments and provide a common and secure path to production through a common set of quality assurance stages and gates. This ensures that all application code is equally tested and of the highest quality.

Does Serena Release Manager provide mainframe application release management?
Yes, with Serena Release Manager, you can plan, schedule and automate app releases for applications that run in mainframe, distributed or multi-platform environments. You can manage all of your application releases from one process, regardless of platform.

How does it integrate with other systems?
Serena Release Manager integrates with other systems, such as development environments like Subversion, via the integration and orchestration capabilities of Serena Business Manager.

What is a release train?
A release train is a published schedule of deployment windows for production environments. Serena Release Manager displays release trains on the release calendar so that all stakeholders—including representatives from app dev, IT operations, QA and the lines of business—can easily see the status of scheduled changes to production. Each release train may contain multiple application releases and be associated with multiple release types (major, minor, and emergency).

What is an application release?
An application release is a set of changes to an existing application or a completely new application. In Serena Release Manager, release trains show schedules for each application release.

What is a release package?
A release package is an application subset that is built, tested, and released together. In its release trains, Serena Release Manager tracks the connections between release packages and application releases, helping to clarify the progress of a project and simplify compliance.

What are application deployment tasks?
Application deployment tasks are the steps needed to deploy release packages into QA and production environments. Traditionally, staff perform these tasks manually or with high maintenance scripts, but Serena Release Manager automates them, reducing application deployment time by 90 percent or more.

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