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check yes Full product functionality

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check yes Library of 80+ plug-ins

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An end point is a deployment target, including both physical and virtual servers.
Pro end points require annual maintenance, which is not included in this price.
Discounts with volume purchases.

Pricing Q&A

Is Serena Deployment Automation Community Edition really free…forever?

Yes, it is. You get five end points in the Community Edition to use as long as you'd like. If you need more end points, or if you want live technical support, you can upgrade to the Professional Edition. Additional end points beyond your first five are priced at US$1,499 each plus annual maintenance.

How do I upgrade?

Simply contact Serena directly to purchase additional end points. You will receive a license key that enables additional end points in your existing installation, as well as entitles you to technical support. There is no need to install any new software as part of the upgrade.

How can I buy more end points?

Simply contact Serena directly to purchase additional end points. We are not set up for online purchases at this time.

Is there a volume discount for enterprise purchases?

Absolutely. Simply contact Serena directly to request a price quote for your particular situation.

What is the difference between Community and Professional editions?

Community Edition is limited to 5 free end points and support through the community. Purchasing end points with corresponding annual maintenance automatically upgrades you to Professional edition, which includes Serena's award-winning technical support.

Are there functional differences between Community and Professional editions?

No, not at all. These two editions are the same product, allowing you to easily move from the free Community Edition to the paid Professional edition. With the Community Edition, you get the plug-ins and example processes, so you can use it just like the Professional Edition.

What is Annual Maintenance?

Annual maintenance is what you pay to Serena to get access to technical support and product updates that are made available only for the Professional Edition. The amount is determined based on the number of end points you purchase and is billed annually. At an end point price of $1,499, annual maintenance is $315.

Is Annual Maintenance required?

Yes, it's required for Professional Edition, which means it's required for all end points that you purchase. Annual maintenance is what pays the salaries of our top-notch software development and technical support engineers.

How many users can I have?

Unlimited users for both Community and Professional Edition. When you go beyond the 5 free end points, you are paying only for additional end points. There is no charge for the number of users in Serena Deployment Automation.

What is the cost of the server?

Unlike other deployment automation solutions, we don't charge a big fee for the server. You simply pay for the number of end points (physical or virtual destinations) to which you will deploy.

Are there additional plug-ins for Professional?

In some cases, we put lots of development into a plug-in and thus don't include it in the free Community Edition. An example is our plug-in for Serena ChangeMan ZMF, the mainframe change management solution. If you're doing deployments to a mainframe, you probably want to be using the Professional Edition anyway.

Will the free Community Edition be updated?

Absolutely. We regularly release application updates that are applicable for both Community Edition and Professional Edition. We will have announcements on the community when new features are released.

Where's the answer to my question?

Sorry for missing your question here. Simply email us at, and we'll get on it.