Increase Business Process Accuracy, Visibility, and Accessibility by Leveraging SharePoint


Changes made to documents through SharePoint are immediately visible in SBM and vice versa

Know that you are always accessing the right version of a document

Let’s say you use SharePoint to manage all of your contracts. By automating the contract approval process using SBM and leveraging SBM Connect for SharePoint, a dedicated contract management site is automatically created within SharePoint to manage the associated documents. Individuals from sales, finance, and legal can then access and update contract documents and have changes be immediately visible, both from SharePoint and through SBM.


Complete process transparency – right from within the SharePoint portal

Gain a single view of task status and project performance directly from your SharePoint portal

Managers can gain access to to-do lists, documents, and business performance dashboards from within a familiar environment to quickly make informed decisions and get work done.

For instance, the head of product development can get complete visibility on the progress of a release from a dedicated site – no more time lost on emails and phone calls to track down the status. Immediate insight is presented through dashboards within the SharePoint portal, with the ability to drill down into various release metrics, such as defect trends and risks.

Expand the reach of SBM applications by leveraging the SharePoint portal

By leveraging a familiar environment, business processes, such as those related to service request fulfillment, can be made more accessible to customers both internal and external to your organization. Customers can interact with and move processes forward easily, without having to learn how to navigate a new environment such as SBM.