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Serena Dimensions CM

Introducing the new Dimensions CM 14!

Significant new innovations include:

  • Innovative implementation of changesets
  • Visual change and branch graph
  • Integrated Peer Review
  • Tight coupling with CI
  • Mobile development support
  • Best in class file compare/merge with Araxis
  • Personal library cache and delta file transfer
  • Automated client deployments

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Serena Dimensions CM is a proven process-based software change & configuration management product that can cost-effectively eliminate the complexity of parallel development, seamlessly integrating and automating development practices through change and branch visualization, minimizing conflicts and improving team velocity while eliminating risk and assuring a high degree of release readiness.

Changeset Graph screenshot

Change Visualization Graph




Key Features and Benefits




Changeset Graph screenshot

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Change & Branch Visualization

Visualize streams and their change history across multiple releases, provide development and release teams with visibility into the status of changes and what changes are being worked on, where and why. Minimize rework, visualize and reduce conflict and improve team velocity.




Integrated CI

Tight coupling with continuous integration tools, allows the results of Continuous Integration to be associated with each changeset providing real-time indication of build and unit test status.



Changeset Graph screenshot

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Integrated Peer Review 

Web-based collaborative peer review improves quality through adoption of best practices, encourages teamwork and collaboration through in-line comments and annotation, and speeds delivery.





Eclipse Annotations screenshot

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Annotation View

Annotate the lines of code in your source file, and make it easier to find when a change was introduced. Browse the list of changes to a file, by whom and when and view the additions, deletions and modifications and even any associated change requests.



Best of breed Araxis File Merge

Compare, understand and combine different source file revisions with confidence. Work quickly and accurately with support for two and three way  compare/merge. Offers support for XML, HTML files, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), and PDF on Windows or Mac OS X.




Extended Development Platform Support 

Supports native integration with the Appcelerator mobile development platform and integration and interoperability with additional IDEs such as Apple’s Xcode. The addition of Safari support extends Dimensions CM usage to Mac OS X clients.



Immutable Baselines screenshot

Immutable Baselines

Very rapid baseline operations secure known configurations and provide a critical system of record for release with support for forward fit or rollback, ensuring the repeatability and integrity of deployments.




image of jigsaw puzzle


Application Component Security

Supporting application velocity through strong service management security and access control, Dimensions CM avoids unnecessary development collisions and improves the manageability of composite or larger applications.




Difference Merge screenshot

Personal Library Cache and Delta Transfers

Personal library cache and delta file compression on file transfers, provide unrivalled performance improvements for geographically distributed development teams, providing the performance of distributed version control while maintaining the benefits of centralized SCCM.



image of bar graph

Enterprise Scalability & Security

Role-based controls apply to access and visibility, ensuring enterprise security policies and practices can be met, while ensuring encryption and security of both meta-data and files





Comprehensive Traceability and Audit

Automating and capturing audit trials is a mainstay of Dimensions CM, and with the associated health and quality indicators, offers comprehensive traceability and audit records for free. No touch compliance is now achievable.



See Dimensions CM in Action

Changesets Demo

Introduction to Changesets

Peer Review Demo

Introduction to Peer Reviews

Annotations Demo

Introduction to the Annotations View

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Introducing Serena Dimensions CM 14

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