Serena Release Manager

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Deployment Hub

Leverage your existing deployment and automation tools

  • Reduce costs: Leverages existing investments and standardizes on a common release management solution that orchestrates existing deployment and automation tools
  • Enhance flexibility: Creates a flexible release automation environment which aligns the tool chain to dynamic business needs 
  • Minimize risk: Mitigates migration risks by enabling gradual tool transition without impacting the release process


Process Design screenshot

Third Party Integration

With a flexible plug-in acrchitecture and out-of-the-box third party deployment plugins you can easily build model driven automated deployments that leverage your existing automation and deployment tools. 





Dimensions CM Components screenshot

Dimensions CM Support

Out-of-the-box Dimensions CM component processes and sample applications will enable you to quickly and seamlessly manage the entire release lifecycle and integrate with Dimension CM environements. 




ZMF screenshot

Mainframe Integration 

Out-of-the-box ChangeMan ZMF component processes and sample applications enables you to quickly and seamlessly deliver enterprise release lifecycle management across both distributed, virtual, cloud and mainframe environments. 




Serena Release Manager's Release Automation option provides the capability to drive integration and deployments with existing Serena and third-party products. Using the Release Automation option's flexible plug-in architecture, you can selectively drive deployments using these tools within the component and application deployment processes. Existing Serena deployment plug-ins include support for Serena Dimensions CM and Serena ChangeMan ZMF, as well as third-party automation tools such as CA Lisa Release Automation. 

In today's rapidly changing world, business applications span across the enterprise architectural landscape, from mobile to mainframe environments. The Release Automation Deployment Hub enables you to easily orchestrate and automate complex application and component automation processes across different tools and environments in a consistent, repeatable way. 

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