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Serena Release Automation

Automate the deployment of application changes with Serena Release Automation.
Enable continuous delivery and DevOps automation. Reduce development costs and
increase deployment frequency without increasing risk.

Comparing Serena Software and Serena Release Automation to other
application release automation options

DevOps as a movement and continuous delivery as a means to release application code into production at an ever-increasing rate are driving the need for automated application release deployments in order to reduce application development and delivery costs, improve application quality, and reduce deployment risks.  At the root of these initiatives is the need for IT to deliver what the business needs – go beyond organizational bickering and go beyond old manual processes and scripts to put in production the applications that drive the revenue that fuels today's business growth.

Addressing one need of DevOps - faster deployments into productioin -- are different types of application release automation vendors.  These can be divided into a few categories: release automation only vendors, IT operations vendors now adding release automation, and application lifecycle vendors

Serena Software and Serena Release Automation

Serena Software is a leading application lifecycle managment vendor and has provided application development and deployment solutions for over 30 years.  Feedback from our customers helps to continually improve the release managememt solutions we offer, including Serena Release Automation.  And this feedback has led us to offer release

Release Automation-only Vendors

Release automation-only vendors provide tools that speed up deployments, but they do not address the management of the entire application release process.  Planning releases, scheduling releases, and coordinating the communication of information about releases with the myriad of release stakeholders are all critical issues that automation alone does not improve.  Faster deployments without improved process visibility and management just leads to faster execution of deployment steps, including those steps with errors.

Infrastructure Management Vendors

Traditional IT infrastructure management vendors provide some release automation, too.  However, these vendors do not have the expertise in application lifecycle management resulting in release automation solutions that are operations-centric and do not provide the application deployment capabilities that development teams desire, such as self-service deployments, continuous deployments, and continuous delivery.


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