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Serena Release Automation

Automate the deployment of application changes with Serena Release Automation.
Enable continuous delivery and DevOps automation. Reduce development costs and
increase deployment frequency without increasing risk.

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Serena Software has been an application release management vendor for over 30 years.  The second product from Serena Software, ChangeMan ZMF, was designed and built to improve the management of application releases throughout the application lifecycle from build, through test and QA, and into production.  Serena was DevOps when DevOps wasn't cool!

Building on the experience gained while managing and automating the application release management processes for thousands of companies on mainframe and distributed systems (including Windows, Unix, and Linux), Serena offers Serena Release Automation - the application release automation tool for both development and IT operations teams. 

Serena Release Automation, offers a unique, application-centric approach to automating all application deployments from build, through test and QA, and into production.

Serena Release Automation benefits include:

  • Reduce deployment time by 90% and effort by 30%
  • Speed delivery of production-ready code
  • Enable continuous deployment and continuous delivery
  • Enable developer self-service
  • Easily deploy to the cloud
  • Improves release quality

Additionally, Serena Release Automation is a component of the Serena Release Manager solution, a comprehensive solution that allows you to plan, manage, and continuously deliver software changes into your production environment. Serena Release Manager is designed to support the application release management process from demand to deployment.

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