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Serena Release Automation

Automate the deployment of application changes with Serena Release Automation.
Enable continuous delivery and DevOps automation. Reduce development costs and
increase deployment frequency without increasing risk.


A snapshot is a collection of specific component versions, usually versions that are known to work together. Typically, a snapshot is generated in an uncontrolled environment – meaning one without approvals. When a snapshot is created, a picture of the application's current state is captured. As an application moves through different environments, snapshots can ensure that proper component versions are used.

Snapshots help manage complex deployments – deployments with multiple tiers and development teams. For example, after testing and confirming that team A's component works with team B's, a snapshot can be taken. Then, as development progresses, additional snapshots can be taken and used to model the effort and drive the entire deployment while coordinating versions, configurations, and processes.

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