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Track Session Title Abstract Speaker Company Product Level
Mainframe 514 Part 2: High-Level Language Function-Oriented Exits for ChangeMan ZMF Part 2: Part live demo and part interactive collaboration session, in this second part of the HLLX we will explore the detailed use cases from a number of common customer scenarios and work with you to get feedback on this important new feature of ChangeMan ZMF. Steve Downes Serena Software ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 513 Improving Productivity with Comparex - Demonstration of the Newest Features in Comparex 8.7 Description and demonstration of the newest features of Comparex plus some of the all-time greatest features of Comparex. Learn old and new ways to leverage the unique capabilities of this premier mainframe data comparison tool. Gene Kestler Serena Software Comparex All
Mainframe 512 Case Study: Super Migration Experiences from CA Panvalet to ChangeMan ZMF New customers of ChangeMan ZMF are moving away from old version management tools like CA Panvalet. In this case study presentation, learn about the customer experience in converting to ChangeMan ZMF from Panvalet and the many benefits they are enjoying now. Bob Yates Serena Software ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 511 Part 1: High-Level Language Function-Oriented Exits for ChangeMan ZMF Part 1: Learn what's being planned with ChangeMan ZMF to remove the need to insert panel exits for high-level languages (HLL): fully-documented API's available to all clients, including ChangeMan ZDD and ChangeMan ZMF for Eclipse. Supporting all LE languages (including Cobol and PL/1) and REXX, these exits (HLLX) will provide ChangeMan ZMF service access and allow isolated execution of customer code. Concentrating initially on support of Cobol, PL/I, and compiled REXX, these exits would provide ChangeMan ZMF service access and allow isolated execution of customer code. Steve Downes Serena Software ChangeMan ZMF Advanced
Mainframe 510 Securing Your Production Environment with ChangeMan SSM Can you immediately identify unauthorized changes to your production systems and applications? Do you know what is being changed , when, and by whom? Join this sneak peak of ChangeMan SSM 8.4, due out in October 2013, and see how you can prevent unauthorized changes, minimize risk, reduce downtime, and reduce mainframe operational costs. Gene Kestler Serena Software ChangeMan SSM All
Mainframe 509 Case Study: Sample Standards and Ideas for Customizing ChangeMan ZMF During this customer case study, Michael Bailey of MetLife will present a sample of ChangeMan ZMF product software customization coding standards and some sample useful product customizations which enhance user productivity and satisfaction. Michael Bailey MetLife ChangeMan ZMF Advanced
Mainframe 508 Understanding Enterprise Changes with SMART TS XL; A proven Search, Impact, and Analysis Solution for the Mainframe and all Other Platforms Deploying applications across the enterprise demands gathering intelligence from many sources and using multiple skills. With the SMART TS XL software, anyone can use a browser to search across all PDS’s, databases, distributed code, and documentation in under one second. View the connections between all elements and produce instant impact, complexity, and level of effort (LOE) reports. Significantly increase the productivity and quality of deliverables of developers, testers, quality assurance, offshore teams, and production support. Come see a live presentation of SMART TS XL working with mainframe, distributed, and ChangeMan ZMF data. Shlomo Friman and Ami Sadeh IN-COM Data Systems ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 507 Partner Experience: ChangeMan ZMF and X-node Processing In this ChangeMan ZMF partner presentation, you'll learn how to apply some straight-forward modifications to achieve up to 75% resource consumption reduction plus additional performance improvements. These modifications do not depend on the ChangeMan ZMF release level, so upgrading the modifications to a new release is easy! Pierre Vriens AbitMORE ChangeMan ZMF Advanced
Mainframe 506 How ERO saves you resources and money Test and build environments cost precious resources: not planning for them costs even more. The right ERO implementation helps you balance your resources and makes sure you use the right ones at the right time. Disk space, CPU time, human resources, quality and risk can be managed by ERO. The build management and impact analysis features deliver crucial information about the potential risk and quality impact. Find out from Europe's top practitioner why ERO might just help you. Benny Westaedt - ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 505 ReleaseMan: How to make ChangeMan the Heart of Your DevOps Strategy Release Management is under massive scrutiny, and the move to DevOps is changing the release landscape. And, of course, we are still responsible to move code safely into production environments. Make ChangeMan ZMF your flagship as you lead the revolution in release management in your organization. Kevin Parker Serena Software ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 504 Releasing Mainframe Apps with Control and Speed - ChangeMan ZMF plus Release Manager Application release management on mainframe and distributed platforms has grown to be a high-profile issue in organizations large and small. Learn how to solve your mainframe release challenges during this presentation of the latest release management capabilities from Serena.  Best practices for Serena release management products will be described within the context of achieving Enterprise Release Management. Mark Levy Serena Software Serena Release Manager Advanced
Mainframe 503 Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere You saw earlier how Nationwide uses the Client Pack to support their modern development community. Hear from Serena's top field architect how to install and configure Client Pack for many different development types and learn why we say "Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere." Bob Yates Serena Software Serena Release Manager, ChangeMan ZMF ERO, ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 502 Case Study: Easy Access to ChangeMan ZMF from Anywhere using ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack Hear the latest status on Serena's mainframe product releases, roadmap and direction. During this opening session of the Mainframe track, Al Slovacek will describe the roadmap for all of the mainframe products from Serena Software. Also, Al will introduce the sessions and topics for the entire mainframe track. Al Slovacek Serena Software ChangeMan ZMF All
Mainframe 501 Mainframe Track Overview and Roadmap Presentation: Latest Plans for Serena Mainframe Products and Solutions Hear the latest status on Serena's mainframe product releases, roadmap and direction. During this opening session of the Mainframe track, Al Slovacek will describe the roadmap for all of the mainframe products from Serena Software. Also, Al will introduce the sessions and topics for the entire mainframe track. Al Slovacek Serena Software StarTool, ChangeMan ZMF All
SBM 414 Revving The Performance and Scalability Of Your SBM-Powered Solutions In this session, we will demonstrated ways to improve the performance of your SBM-based solutions. Our product development experts will explain how you can leverage advancements in SBM's active diagnostics capabilities for quick wins. Approaches to clustering and load balancing that will significantly improve the scalability and performance of your SBM-based systems will also be discussed. Pete Dohner Serena Software Serena Business Manager All
SBM 413 Methodologies and Best Practices for Developing SBM-Powered Solutions As SBM evolves, so do the approaches to developing SBM-based solutions. Join top SBM experts as they outline best practices for SBM-based solution development. Gain a clear understanding of how the newest SBM features impact both the solutions you develop and how you develop them. Tom Clement Serena Software Serena Business Manager All
SBM 412 Case Study: Using Serena Service Manager in The Cloud Learn how the University of Nebraska at Omaha implemented and rolled out Serena Service Manager to support over 18,000 students, faculty, and staff. See how you can leverage Serena's on-demand offering to reduce costs and free up resources. Best practices around administering a SaaS-based ITSM solution - e.g., how to integrate directory information, manage user accounts, configure hybrid single sign-on, move configuration changes and data between namespaces, and manage upgrades - will be discussed. Andrew Buker University of Nebraska at Omaha Serena Service Manager All
SBM 411 Case Study: How to Run your Business with SBM Join Mike Molinaro of Bright House Networks as he outlines how the sixth largest owner and operator of cable systems in the U.S. uses SBM to help manage processes within their IT and security departments. Mike Molinaro Bright House Networks Serena Business Manager All
SBM 410 Case Study: A Year in The Life of An SBM Admin Join Alan Davies as he takes you through a journey of an SBM admin over the course of a year. He will share the highs and lows as the team overcame obstacles and garnered best practices as they moved SBM from niche to the more mainstream as well as mission-critical projects at Interactive Data Corporation. Alan Davies Interactive Data Corporation Serena Business Manager All
SBM 409 Upgrading To The Latest Release Of SBM: A "How-To" Guide Let us show you how easy it is to upgrade to the latest release of SBM. During this session, Chad Hulse will discuss changes in nomenclature, how best to avoid common mistakes during upgrades and provide you with tips and tricks for smooth upgrades. Chad Hulse Serena Software Serena Business Manager All
SBM 408 Unleashing SBM's Integration and Orchestration Capabilities During this session, Vijay will delve into how you can unleash the integration capabilities of the SBM platform. He will lead a detailed technical discussion on orchestration workflows. Topics covered in this session will include what Orchestrations are, when to use them, how they work, and how to create and debug them. Note: A basic familiarity with how to create an SBM-based process application is assumed for this session. Arun Vijayakumar Serena Software Serena Business Manager Advanced
SBM 407 Case Study: How to Integrate SBM With External Data Ricardo Oliviera of Caixa Geral de Depositos will use simple examples to demonstrate the power of REST widgets when it comes to gathering and manipulating external data using SBM. Ricardo Oliviera Caixa Geral de Depositos Serena Business Manager All
SBM 406 Case Study: Creating A New Face For SBM with Serena Request Center Do your users find themselves overwhelmed with all of your process applications within SBM? Implementing Serena Request Center helped Early Warning Services reduce the number of incorrect tickets open within their Service Desk and cut the time to resolve issues with a single entry point for ticket submissions. Join Tina Radcliff as she outlines best practices for implementing Request Center to improve the user experience with SBM. Topics discussed will include how to get started with creating a service catalog, configuring Request Center, showcasing SBM applications within Request Center, how to drive user adoption, and how measure and monitor success. Tina Radcliff Early Warning Services Serena Request Center Beginner
SBM 405 Case Study: Confessions Of An SBM Novice If you think SBM isn't for the feint of heart, think again! Andrea Williams of Kingman Regional Medical Center, a self- proclaimed SBM rookie, guarantees that her session will leave new users of SBM feeling confident about whipping up a high-level workflow of their own. During this session, she will demonstrate how easy it is to create simple states and transitions and then define forms, data models, security constructs, and rules and follow simple deployment steps. Andrea Williams Kingman Regional Medical Center Serena Business Manager Beginner
SBM 404 User experience: Keeping it simple How do you create simple, yet powerful workflows, GUIs and forms? Join our solution experts as they demonstrate how to leverage SBM's latest functionality to do just that! Tips and tricks to modeling workflows and creating easy-to-use forms in minutes will be demonstrated during this session. Neeraj Mathur and Arun Vijayakumar Serena Software Serena Business Manager All
SBM 403 Leveraging Serena Service Manager to Run our Service Desk Outsourcing Business As a global IT Service Desk Outsourcing provider, ABS Associates will discuss how we have leverage Serena Service Manager (SSM) as a key component of our Service Desk and overall IT Service Management strategy. We will discuss our initial evaluation criteria for selecting SSM, our deployment process and strategy, as well as the unique ways we leverage SSM to run our business and benefit our clients. Stefan Schurman ABS Associates Serena Business Manager Beginner
SBM 402 Case Study: How A Small Team Accomplished A Large ITSM Rollout. Fast. Join Lynda Frederick of SunGard as she offers tangible ways by which a small team was able to successfully roll out service request, incident, problem and knowledge management processes in less than 10 months. Lynda will discuss SunGard's unique "Train the Coach" approach that grew the support team from four to thirty-four individuals who helped with testing, training, and post-deployment support. Topics discussed in this session will include effective ways to keep the "big team" engaged and recognize their efforts, how to answer the same question from 300 users just once, and how best to recognize the efforts of the "small team". Lynda Frederick SunGard Serena Service Manager All
SBM 401 Roadmap Session: Serena's Strategy And Vision For SBM Join the SBM product leadership team in this session to hear what's cooking in the SBM labs. Neeraj Mathur Serena Software Serena Business Manager All
Release Management 314 Integrating SRA into the hub of your DevOps Process Learn how to leverage your enterprise data sets with release automation. Tim Payne Serena Software Serena Release Automation All
Release Management 312 Case Study: Milestone-Driven Release Management At A Major Insurance Provider During this session, you will learn how a major insurance provider streamline their entire release management process - from release planning and approvals through to development and on to operations. The steps involved in creating and implementing a milestone-based release management process will be discussed in detail. Tom Engler Serena Software Serena Release Manager All
Release Management 311 Automate Your Way To Freedom Using Serena Release Automation Releasing code into production has typically been a highly manual, time-consuming process where experienced technicians waste hours dealing with tedious scripts. Learn how you'll be able to save time and eliminate errors with each deployment using Serena Release Automation. During this session, Kevin Lee will demonstrate best practices and implementation approaches around release automation. Kevin will also delve into deployment approaches when dealing with complex operational environments such as Weblogic, Websphere and Jboss. Kevin Lee Serena Software Serena Release Automation Advanced
Release Management 309 Achieving End-to-End Release Management: Simplifying the Complexity The combination of technology challenges and complex IT environments require effective release management policies and practices – from release planning through implementation to successful deployment using release automation. In this session, Kevin Lee will establish the importance of release planning, the tracking of progress through implementation, and the automation of deployment tasks and activities. He will discuss how to achieve end-to-end release management – simplifying the complexity, providing oversight, and automating the end-to-end release management process. Kevin Lee Serena Software Serena Release Control Advanced
Release management 308 Serena Release Automation Unplugged: Extending Capabilities With Plug-Ins Join Tim Payne of Serena R&D as he discusses and demonstrates how to extend Serena Release Automation's capabilities through the use of plug-ins. Tim Payne Serena Software Serena Release Automation Advanced
Release Management 307 Building Your DevOps Toolchain: Open Source, Commercial or a Combination Plate? Love your open source tools but having trouble chaining them together? Have existing tools you want to integrate into your open source DevOps software stack? In this session, learn how open source and commercial can combine to transform your release process. Jonathan Thorpe Serena Software Serena Release Manager All
Release Management 306 From Planning to Production: Transforming Multi-Tier, Multi-Platform Release Management at a Major Global Financial Service Provider Learn how a global wealth management leader is coordinating the tracking and delivery of application releases by marrying tools, processes and people in a transformative approach, realizing improved efficiency, reliability and visibility. Ron Rougeau UBS Wealth Management Serena Release Manager Beginner
Release Management 304 Achieving DevOps Nirvana: Enabling your Organization with Continuous Delivery Join noted Release Management expert, Eric Kunkel of MMA Technologies, as he shares his considerable DevOps experience about enabling technologies such as Serena Release Automation and Release Control to deliver a deployment pipeline that will reduce costs and improve time to market. Eric draws on his 15 years of experience as he discusses release management best practices that have helped organizations reduce the time and costs associated with application delivery. Eric Kunkel MMA Technologies Corp Serena Release Manager All
Release Management 303 Live Demonstration: What's New In Serena Release Manager Join the Serena product experts as they guide you through the newest advancements in Serena's Release Manager solution. See how your organization can benefit from Serena's latest capabilities in release planning, control and automation. Julian Fish Serena Software Serena Release Manager All
Release Management 302 Roadmap: Serena Release Management - Enabling DevOps for your organization Get a first look at the exciting new capabilities planned for Serena's Release Manager solution. Delve into the details of the roadmaps for Serena's release management solutions and provide the product team with your feedback first-hand. Ankur Agarwal Serena Software Serena Release Manager All
Development 214 Hello Artifact – where did you come from? Today you can speed up your PVCS application development, QA, and delivery processes and improve the quality of your code. With Serena Release Automation you're enabled to implement continuous deployment / continuous delivery with PVCS and many other development environments.  From a Serena expert, learn best practices for improving the speed and quality of your PVCS application development and see a live demo of Serena Release Automation with PVCS and Jenkins.  Rose Wellman Serena Software Serena Release Automation All
Development 213 Making Enterprise Closed-Loop Builds Using Dimensions CM with Various Build Technologies Like most organizations, are you using multiple Build tools in your application development processes?  Choosing the correct Build tool and integrating the use of several are core elements of successful app dev. Join this session and receive an overview of Dimensions CM Build, DM_Make, Maven, Jenkins, and Hudson technologies. Learn how to integrate these technologies, best fits for teams, and concepts such as closed-loop builds and bill of materials. Paul Caruana Serena Software Dimensions CM Advanced
Development 212 Implementation best practices for Serena Dimensions CM A two part session, starting with system setup covering network topology, hardware and database configurations (both Oracle & SQL Server); Part two discusses optimal configuration of Dimensions CM, and roles, lifecycles and baselines to optimize the value and benefits of your Dimensions CM investment. Richard Minchin Serena Software Dimensions CM All
Development 211 Automate Your Development and Test Labs for Faster Delivery and Improved Quality How much effort is required to have a new environment up and ready for use today? What if you could automate much of that work? In this session, you'll hear and see how to use the workflow automation capabilities of Serena Business Manager (SBM) combined with the power of Serena Release Control and Serena Release Automation to enjoy self-service capabilities for requesting the standing up and tearing down of environments and automate the steps involved in configuring those environments. Wes Godard Serena Software Serena Release Automation Beginner
Development 210 Building reusable components with Dimensions CM In this session you will learn some best practices, tips and tricks on how to build and manage reusable software components in Dimensions CM. Peter Raymond Serena Software Dimensions CM All
Development 209 Using Dimensions CM to achieve control and visibility in the Release Management process Join Ricardo Oliviera for a look into using Dimensions CM as part of your automated release management process. In this session, Ricardo will go through the approach and lessons learned from his real world implementation in using change and configuration management to gain control and visibility into deployments. With over 10 years of Dimensions CM experience, as well as being an active CM 14 Beta Program participant, Ricardo is an experienced practitioner offering valuable insight to share. Ricardo Oliviera Caixa Geral de Depositos Dimensions CM All
Development 208 Parallel development best practices with Dimensions CM Learn when its best to use Dimensions CM Projects or Streams, how to manage agile and waterfall projects, and how the next release of Dimensions CM will further help your development teams. Richard Minchin Serena Software Dimensions CM All
Development 207 Case Study: Dimensions CM on Steroids for World-Class Buff Configuration Management Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) is the worlds largest credit union, and NFCU's configuration management processes are built on Dimensions CM. Ken Vane of NFCU will describe and demonstrate how NFCU uses Dimensions CM to provide world-class configuration management. Kenneth Vane Navy Federal Credit Union Dimensions CM Beginner
Development 206 Continuous Integration and Release Best Practices using Jenkins, Dimensions CM and Serena Release Automation Join Serena experts as they describe and demonstrate the use of Dimensions CM and Serena Release Automation in a Continuous Integration environment with Jenkins. Presentation topics include continuous Integration, an introduction to the Jenkins and Hudson technologies, our plugin to Dimensions CM, and how these platforms can be used to Build from one technology (e.g. SVN, CVS, PVCS) into Dimensions CM. Also, learn how Continuous Deployment / Continuous Delivery can be achieved via plugins into Serena Release Automation. Paul Caruana and Corne Human Serena Software Dimensions CM Advanced
Development 205 Connecting SBM with developers and third party tools using Tasktop In this session we will explain and demonstrate how organizations with diverse tool stacks can achieve a unified development experience with SBM as a central hub even when third party applications are involved. Dave West Tasktop Serena Business Manager All
Development 204 Next Generation Dimensions CM: How ChangeSets will change your world for the better In this session you will learn about the exciting new features coming to the Dimensions CM platform that will accelerate work done by development teams and give them a greater level of collaboration and insight into their work. Speaker: Peter Raymond, Serena Software Level: All" Peter Raymond Serena Software Dimensions CM All
Development 203 Case Study: Using Control Objects in Dimensions CM for Managing Static, Programmable and Dynamic Data Control Objects are a class of data store which is used by an Enterprise, Business, Service or Application to store static, programmatic or dynamic data for operational systems. With this new object, you can create code objects that are environment-agnostic and tailorable without requiring source code changes. During this session, Ken Vane of Navy Federal Credit Union will explain how NFCU has defined a corporate standard for these objects and gained a common framework for the discussion, construction and management of these objects using Dimensions CM. Kenneth Vane Navy Federal Credit Union Dimensions CM Advanced
Development 202 Dimensions CM 14 Is Here! Live Show and Tell with the Team that Built It Dimensions CM 14.1 will be delivered soon after xChange13.  Join this session and be among the first to learn how your app dev environment can be easier to administer, more flexible and more robust. Follow real customer use cases and see the new features for Administrators (Upload Rules, Client auto-update, Upgrade tips) and Developers (Changesets, 3-way Stream merge, Performance, Blame).  Finally, we'll have a quick look at the future of Dimensions CM roadmap.  Participate in the discussion and enjoy your opportunity to influence the future of Dimensions CM. Alex Shevchenko Serena Software Dimensions CM Advanced
Development 201 Traveling Down the Road: Serena’s ALM Direction and Roadmap During this opening session of the Development track, Corne Human will deliver the roadmap for the application lifecycle management (ALM) products from Serena Software.  Here you'll learn what's new and what's coming in the Dimensions product family.  Corne will also introduce the sessions in the Development track. Corne Human Serena Software Dimensions CM All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 113 Trending Now – DevOps the view from the man on the street Learn about what Serena has heard about DevOps while attending conferences. Find out who has been asking about DevOps, why they are interested. What are people already doing? What about the naysayers? After this session you will find out why DevOps is trending across all verticals and why people like you are already on the path to working in a DevOps like way. Erika Marwood Serena Software - All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 112 The Value of Change: Measuring the Cost of Failure Have you ever counted the money you save your organization every day? Serena Software has been researching this topic for the past two years, and in this session you'll see the findings from our research. Also, see the new ""Value Dashboard"" that provides daily insight to the contribution you make to your organization's success. Kevin Parker Serena Software - All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 110 DevOps: A Step By Step Guide on Embracing The DevOps Movement Confused about DevOps? Wondering where to start? This session will take you through the DevOps Maturity Model and step by step instructions on how to implement a successful DevOps process with measurable quick wins. Ankur Agarwal Serena Software Serena Release Manager All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 109 Lower Your Gates and Speed Your Stages: Managing the Complete Software Project Lifecycle Like fine craftsmen, we are building software using the tools that best fit our hands, whether that's Dimensions CM, PVCS, Eclipse, Jenkins, Quality Center, Puppet, Requirements Manager and more. You're not going to throw any of those fine tools away, so how do you connect them together to seamlessly manage the overall process and most importantly, the hand-offs between each craft? Hear from the chief craftsmen how Serena's new project lifecycle management solution brings together your finest resources to create beautiful products, more efficiently and faster. Kartik Raghavan Serena Software Serena Business Manager Advanced
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 108 The Evolution of Agile: Dealing with the Growing Pains of Moving Beyond Development Agile doesn't just impact development, it impacts the entire organization. In this session we will discuss how to move out of the development solo and embrace the software planning and delivery cycle. Ashley Owen Serena Software - Advanced
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 107 The DevOps Bridge: Are we Building It or Burning It? Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) often operate at cross purposes with different agendas driven by different business leaders. A rung or two down the ladder IT Ops personnel, project managers and developers find themselves scrambling to meet time, budget & quality goals while maintaining today’s super high availability expectations. Recent research shows that 40% of all incidents reported at the service desk are as a result of failed changes. How do you design and execute an integrated change and release management strategy to reduce incidents and trouble calls into your service desk as a result of unintentional impact of changes? Join George Spalding, as he discusses the latest advancements and techniques in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Release Management that can strengthen the DevOps bridge and deliver new levels of service responsiveness. George Spalding Pink Elephant - All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics + Release Management 105 Leading the Horses to Drink: A Practical Guide to Gaining Support and Initiating a DevOps Transformation In this presentation, Damon will walk you through a proven set of design patterns for building organizational alignment. You'll walk away from this presentation with the outline of a plan that you can adapt and apply to your own organization. No special people skills or management kung-fu required. Damon Edwards DTO Solutions - All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 103 It's Fun, It's Social and It's Really Useful: Using the Social IT Game to Foster Team Alignment What if you could easily get all your team members and stakeholders agreed on the top priorities for your IT organization…and all in about an hour? If that sounds impossible, then join this session to experience how the Social IT Game is making it a reality. Game Maestro Kevin Parker will walk you through this group collaboration effort that's both fun and insightful. Bring your tablet, laptop or other internet-capable device to participate...and prepare to get social! Kevin Parker Serena Software - All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics 102 Orchestrating Service and Software Delivery at Accident Fund Accident Fund Holdings, Inc., a leading workers compensation insurance company in business for over 100 years, has grown in the last 15 years from a Michigan-only company to a national corporation operating in 48 states with four operating units. With that growth has come challenges of supporting increasingly numerous and complex systems.  Learn how AFHI implemented SBM, PPM, and SSM to improve demand management, workflow, compliance, and quality by orchestrating their service and software delivery processes from start to finish.  Tracy Wiseman of AFHI and Jerry Gergel of Serena will review the solution implemented so far and share lessons learned, continuing challenges, and future plans. Tracy Wiseman Accident Fund Serena Business Manager All
Industry Trends & Hot Topics + Release Management 101 Introduction to DevOps: What is DevOps and how you can get started on your DevOps journey DevOps is a hot topic right now but there is so much conflicting information on the internet, it can be confusing to get started. Let Serena be your guide, in this session we will explain what devops is, key terms and good sources of information and experience plus some handy hints for traps to avoid. Jonathan Thorpe Serena Software - Beginner