Serena wins Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year


Serena wins ITIL Innovation of the Year

Serena Service Manager has been named Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year. Serena's solution was recognized for its revolutionary process-based approach to ITSM, for its flexibility and for its usability. An important consideration in recognizing Serena Service Manager as ITIL Innovation of the Year is its integration with Serena Release Control, the industry's most complete release management solution suite. Together, Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Control help bridge the DevOps divide and provide a new level of service responsiveness. Read more »

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Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year Award Ceremony

Image of David Hurwitz accepting Pink Elephant award

David Hurwitz accepting Serena's award



ITIL Innovation Award Trophy

Award criteria

The Innovation of the Year award considers the following criteria:

  • Contribute to changing or significantly evolving the paradigm around support for Service Management process(es)
  • Automation of complex workflows and data aggregation across management tools
  • Development of framework or standards assisting in adoption of ITIL® best practices
  • Support of organizational change initiatives through innovative use of management and monitoring tools and systems
  • New services that provides value to the ITSM practitioner community

Read the press release - Serena Software Wins Coveted Pink Elephant Innovation Award for its ITSM Solution

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