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Movie frame Bola RotibiStarting and Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise with Gary Gruver

Is your enterprise looking to adopt DevOps practices to increase the productivity of its software development processes?

Listen to our popular on-demand webcast with Gary Gruver, where he talks about how to start your DevOps journey and how to scale it in large enterprises where change is usually difficult. He shares his recommendations from his new book on scaling DevOps and answers audience questions on how to adopt those best practices in their organizations. 

Gary Gruver is an author and experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development processes in large organizations like HP and


Movie frame Bola RotibiHow to Achieve High Performance IT: Top Lessons Learned while Creating the DevOps Handbook

In this webinar, Gene Kim will answer your FAQs and discuss his top learnings from writing and researching the DevOps Handbook that he co-authored with Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis. The webcast will include:

  • DevOps transformation case studies around continuous delivery and high performance IT
  • How much automation is necessary for continuous deployment and continuous delivery
  • How to measure your maturity and success in achieving high performance IT
  • How Conway’s Law and architecture can hinder and help the achievement of goals,
  • Techniques to build a culture of continuous experimentation learning, including those from Google, Etsy, Nordstrom, and Capital One.

Movie frame Bola RotibiEnterprise Release Automation: Automating your Application Deployments in 30 minutes

Automating manual application deployments enables development teams to focus more on developing rather than deploying, reducing cycle time, improving time to market and increasing product quality. Watch the recorded webcast with Wes Godard, Sr. Solution Architect, as he demonstrates in under 30 minutes how to automate web application deployments using Serena Deployment Automation.

Movie frame Bola RotibiLeading Agile and DevOps transformation in the Enterprise with Gary Gruver

DevOps is not just for start-ups! However, scaling DevOps in large enterprises requires shifting of culture, coordination of work across teams, reinvention of legacy applications and much more. Before you undertake any change to improve your software development processes, you would want to learn from the person who has gone before you and tasted success. Listen to the recording where Gary shares his best practices and recommendations from his groundbreaking work at HP and Macy's and talks about how to lead a successful DevOps transformation. Gary Gruver is an experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development and delivery processes in large organizations. He is currently working with executives across the industry to help them transform their development and delivery processes. As Co-author of “Leading the Transformation”, he shows executives of large traditional organizations how to lead their transformation by applying Agile and DevOps principles at scale.

Movie frame Bola RotibiMind the Gap: How to bridge the gap between development and operations with release management

The release management process remains challenging for large IT organizations due to the continuing disconnect between development, QA, and operations teams. The challenge faced by these large enterprises is that process maturity, methodology, and platforms vary greatly across teams, organizations and business units. These challenges often produce gaps between development and operations teams. Release management is still being done, but with very inconsistent results and at a high cost, providing minimal insight and a lack of audit compliance. Join us as Julian Fish, Director of Products at Serena Software, demonstrates how the unique integration framework and process capabilities of Serena Release Control can deliver a consistent and repeatable process that provides complete traceability, audit and compliance across Waterfall, Progressive and Agile processes, for both ITIL and DevOps approaches, and supporting Mainframe to mobile platforms.

Movie frame Bola RotibiHow to automate your infrastructure toolchain using Serena Deployment Automation

Integrating your toolchain to support Continuous Delivery can be extremely challenging. Different environments, tools and processes make for long lead times. Join Darryl Bowler, Solution Architect as Darryl demonstrates how Serena Deployment Automation can reduce lead times by automating infrastructures tools such as Docker and Puppet. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiDeploy Fast Without Breaking Things

Serena announces the latest release of Software Deployment Automation which focuses on helping customers manage their Development-to-Production lifecycle with unprecedented visibility, velocity and control.

Join Julian Fish and Mark Levy to learn about the latest capabilities of the new release. We’ll start with a quick overview of the product and quickly dive into a live product demonstration highlighting the new features.

Movie frame Bola RotibiContinuous Delivery Best Practices for the Enterprise

Your business depends on software. It's critical to deliver software in a fast, reliable, and efficient manner but the enterprise IT landscape is complex, sophisticated, dynamic and frequently chaotic causing frequent delays, missed opportunities and an inability to satisfy the needs of the business. Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you build software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. How will Continuous Delivery solve IT's inability to satisfy the business? How can they begin to implement Continuous Delivery? In this recorded webcast, Steve LeWarne, Director of Solutions Architect, Serena Software discusses the best practices and patterns that support Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise.

Movie frame Bola RotibiThe Secrets of High Performance IT

Everyone wants faster delivery and higher quality at lower cost. But organizations with large, complex IT environments inevitably struggle to achieve this. In this webinar, Jez will discuss what makes a high performance IT organization, how you can start and sustain your journey, and how to deal with the typical obstacles you will face.

Movie frame Bola RotibiContinuous Delivery: Integrating the Deployment Pipeline Toolchain Through Automation

Come join us as Darryl Bowler and Julian Fish demonstrate how Serena Deployment Automation integrates the “end-to-end” toolchain and automates the continuous delivery deployment pipeline. You will discover how you can:

  • Accelerate and automate application build, deployment, installation and remediation.
  • Store and control your release deliverables 
  • Gain visibility into and control of your application releases, environments and schedules.
  • Integrate with development version control, continuous build and integration toolsets throughout the production pipeline.
  • Ensure and improve compliance with internal business processes.

Movie frame Bola RotibiAccelerating Application Delivery with Continuous Testing

We will discuss how continuous testing can ensure quality throughout the application lifecycle from development, testing, release and actual user experiences. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to create a continuous load and performance testing framework
  • How to trigger testing every time code changes are delivered
  • How to implement automated functional testing of mobile apps
  • How to use leverage cloud computing for load testing and performance testing

Movie frame Bola RotibiInfrastructure as Code: The Future of Configuration Management in Achieving Continuous Delivery

Optimizing and automating infrastructure configuration is very much top of mind in the DevOps community as “Infrastructure as Code” practices attempts to address the scale and complexity of today’s IT infrastructures. In this month’s Serena DevOps Drive-In webcast, industry luminary and co-Founder of CFEngine, Mark Burgess, will forecast the future of configuration management and how configuration management plays a key role in improving DevOps processes like Continuous Delivery.

Movie frame Bola RotibiAutomate Database Deployments in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline: See Datical and Serena Automation in Action!

Automating your deployment process removes potential for human error, reduces risk, and brings reliability and repeatability to your application deployments. In this recorded live webinar featuring Datical CTO Robert Reeves, we demonstrate how to automate your deployment process to support Continuous Delivery by keeping your application code in sync with your database changes. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiPatrick Debois Live on DevOps: 5 years in, what does the future hold?

As the DevOps movement approaches it’s 5 year anniversary of its first devopsdays, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on what the movement has achieved, how has it lived up to its principles and goals and where it’s going next.  Are we heading for a DevOps 2.0 or is it a daily build that continues to improve.  Come join Patrick Debois on our August DevOps DriveIn, as he shares his insights into the current state and direction of the DevOps movement.

Movie frame Bola RotibiDevOps vs. ITIL, Epic Struggle or Slam Dunk?

For over 20 years ITIL has reigned supreme as undisputed king of the IT infrastructure operations while Dev people opted not to play at all on the infrastructure side.  But now relative newcomer DevOps has pulled the rug out from under King ITIL.  DevOps has reshaped the entire landscape around releasing new projects into an established infrastructure environment.  So who will win in the end?

Join George Spalding, co-author of ITILv3, and Mark Levy, DevOps Evangelist, as they battle it out on July 25th at the Serena DevOps Drive-In arena. 

Movie frame Bola Rotibi5 Keys to Building a Successful DevOps Culture

Building a DevOps culture requires more than installing a configuration management system, using a source code repository, and telling your teams "Ok, now we are all doing DevOps." Organizational culture is comprised of a shared set of values and behaviors. Tools help us create process, which in turn influences our behaviors. Unfortunately, tools alone aren't enough to create a stable culture for collaboration that we now think of as DevOps. Join Mandi Walls, author of the ebook “Building a DevOps Culture” and Serena Software as we outlines strategies for building a DevOps culture, including aligning incentives, defining meaningful and achievable goals, and creating a supportive team environment.

Movie frame Bola RotibiAchieving Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise, powered by Serena and CloudBees

Don’t get stung by the challenges of implementing continuous delivery improvements in your organization! Continuous Delivery provides a significant competitive business advantage when the path to production is integrated and automated. Join Cloudbees and Serena Software to learn the key practices to implementing Continuous Delivery in the enterprise and automating your way to success.

Movie frame Bola RotibiContinuous Delivery in Enterprise: Overcoming Key Challenges

Guest Speaker: Bola Rotibi, Research Director CIC, Hosted by: Greg Sikes, VP, Product Officer – Release Management, Serena Software. Bola Rotibi and Greg Sikes discuss the key challenges of achieving Continuous Delivery, focusing on the drivers and inhibitors of continuous delivery in the enterprise.

Movie frame Bola RotibiDevOps FAQ: Gene Kim answers the most frequently asked DevOps questions

Guest Speaker: Gene Kim, Hosted by: Jonathan Thorpe, DevOps Evangelist Gene Kim, author of "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win" answers the most frequently asked DevOps questions he has encountered during his time spent with high-performing organizations.

Movie frame Bola RotibiHear How Eaton Vance Went from Release Bottleneck to Deployment Flow with Serena Release Management

Speaker: Richard Michaels, Quality Assurance and Release Manager for Eaton Vance. Have you ever wondered how you can bring order to your software release process without becoming a bottleneck? In this webcast Richard Michaels, Quality Assurance and Release Manager for Eaton Vance, will explain how Eaton Vance transformed their software release process. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiDamon & Dave on DevOps: Move from “Dev vs. Ops” to DevOps by Going Beyond Automation

Panelists: Dave West and Damon Edwards. Hosted by: Jonathan Thorpe, DevOps Evangelist. Have you ever wondered how DevOps practices can be applied in your organization? Do you think it’s impossible or impractical for your organization? Damon and Dave discussed approaches to DevOps in organizations like yours. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiEnterprise DevOps: Implementing Continuous Delivery with Serena Release Manager

Keeping track of application development can be a challenge. New Requests and demands for updates come through from business users all the time, while focusing on what is the highest priority also has to be managed. So how do you plan ahead? Join Serena to learn how development teams can adopt better planning and prioritization, as well as how to feed that information back to the business. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiExpert Opinion: Adding Value to Open Source using Commercial Software

Tools like Jenkins, Puppet and Chef are frequently used as part of a DevOps automation solution. Building a full release management solution which includes DevOps automation using open source software alone can be done successfully but at the cost of needing to have large teams of experts to chain things together. Commercial software can help bridge the gap and make you productive without needing large teams to create and maintain your tools. 

Movie frame Bola RotibiNoted Release Management Expert On How to Achieve DevOps Nirvana

Noted Release Management expert, Eric Kunkel of MMA Technologies, will share his DevOps experiences. Over the last 15 years, Eric has designed and implemented release management processes and solutions for several different organizations. Benefits that these organizations have received include:

• reduced application deployment time of over 90%,
• reduced application failures by 80%, and
• reduced application delivery costs.