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Serena On Demand Overview


With Serena On Demand, you can leverage the same powerful functionality that's available in our process-based solutions for on premises deployments, via the Cloud. Your IT organization has the ability to reduce the cost of maintaining and upgrading solutions internally, without compromising on the capabilities that they require to support an agile enterprise.

Serena On Demand includes the following solutions available as SaaS:

  • Serena Service Manager: The winner of Pink Elephant's ITIL Innovation of the Year Award, Serena Service Manager is a complete IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that helps you speed issue resolution with end-to-end visibility across the service delivery life-cycle and easily configure processes to match the way you deliver services. Serena Service Manager seamlessly integrates with Serena Release Manager to help bridge the dev-ops divide.
  • Serena Request Center: As the single point of contact with your IT organization, Serena Request Center makes it easy for your customers to browse a rich array of IT and business services, access a knowledge base, quickly submit, track and approve service requests and monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Serena On Demand is architected to provide you with all the benefits of SaaS-based solutions:

1) Seamless upgrades resulting in fewer disruptions
2) Reduced administration and maintenance costs
3) Configuring vs. coding to match your processes
4) True multi-tenancy that supports IT shared services
5) Scalable infrastructure that matches your growth
6) Predictable costs


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ITIL Innovation of the Year


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