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Serena Prototype Composer

Serena Prototype Composer helps you quickly and accurately simulate how an application will look and function without writing any code. Instead of endless text entries, complex data hierarchies, or technical UML diagrams, Serena Prototype Composer makes it easy to collaborate on requirements by building simple, high fidelity prototypes that look like the real thing.

Join thousands of Serena Prototype Composer users by downloading it today. There are two editions available for you to use:


Professional Edition

Allows UNLIMITED creation and sharing of prototypes and projects.

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Community Edition

This FREE edition allows users to work with ONE sample project and ONE user-defined project.

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Choose the Edition that's Right for You

Define and visualize business process workflow check-yes.png check-yes.png
Use WYSIWYG editor to mimic user interaction
Utilize templates of UI controls, layouts and process steps
Publish requirements documents and functional specifications from prototypes
Create unlimited projects and prototypes check-no.png
Integrate with Serena Dimensions RM for full requirements traceability check-no.png
Use 24x7 Serena Premium Support check-no.png



Product Tour

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Product Demo

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