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Serena Release Manager

Providing centralized planning and control for all your release management processes, Serena Release Manager enables you to manage the testing and implementation of software changes from build to production.

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Serena Service Manager image of people working

Serena Service Manager

Serena Service Manager (SSM) represents a new process-driven approach to ITSM. Unlike traditional ITSM solutions that are difficult to use, expensive to maintain, and provide limited visibility, Serena Service Manager draws on the power of a process management platform to provide a lightweight, lower TCO solution.

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Serena Business Manager

Serena Business Manager (SBM) is the process management platform of choice for companies that want to rapidly create and adapt process-based applications that improve enterprise agility, productivity, and accountability.

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Dimensions CM image of processes

Dimensions CM

Manage changes for your software configurations efficiently and effectively across global teams with Dimensions® CM, which uses a single, unified process for faster, higher quality outcomes.

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